OPW Money In The Bank
John Depp
Date won: February, 2015
Promotion: OPW
Brand: OPW
Date created: 2013
Date retired: {{{titleretired}}}
Other name(s): {{{pastnames}}}
Most reigns: 1
First champion(s): Dolph Ziggler

The OPW Money in the Bank Briefcase is a title won once per year, it guarentees a future OPW Unified Championship Match at anytime, anyplace, in the year following the winning of the briefcase.



  • Only one superstar has never cashed in the briefcase, that being Biff Andreas.
  • Only two CAW Superstars have won the briefcase.
  • All who have cashed in have won.
Superstar Date Won Date Cashed in Cash in result Title won
Dolph Ziggler 4/5/13 6/5/13 Positive OPW World Heavyweight Championship
Biff Andreas 31/8/13 Never None None(Beaten by Edge for the briefcase)
Edge 13/10/13 13/10/13 Positive OPW Championship
Daniel Bryan OPW Summerslam 2 OPW Wrestlemania 2 Positive OPW Unified Championship
John Depp OPW Greed 6/12/15 Positive OPW Championship

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