OPW Television Championship
Current champion(s) Krow
Date Won OPW Wrestlemania 3: Pride
League OPW
Brand OPW
Introduced March 2013
Retired March 2017
Most reigns All(1)
First Champion TJ Nicholson
Last Champion Krow
Longest Reign TJ Nicholson (70 Days)
Shortest Reign Viktor Armada (5 Days)
Heaviest Champion Viktor Armada
Lightest Champion TJ Nicholson
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The OPW Television Championship was created on the March 3rd episode of OPW in 2013 but first debuted at OPW Absolute Zero. The current champ is Krow.

Championship History

Wrestler Times Date won Days Held Location Event Notes
Vacant 3/3/13
TJ Nicholson 1 10/4/13 70 London,England OPW Absolute Zero
Vacant 08/06/2016 Brought out of retirement exclusively for defending every episode of Omega TV.
Viktor Armada 1 30/06/2016 5 London, England OPW Omega TV 7
Krow 1 05/07/2016 683+ London, England OPW Wrestlemania 3: Pride