OPW World Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) retired
Date Won retired
League OPW
Brand OPW
Introduced April 2013
Most reigns Edge(1) Randy Orton(1) Ziggler(1) Rock(1) Daniels(1)
First Champion Edge
Last Champion
Longest Reign 35 Days
Shortest Reign 5 minutes(Randy Orton
Heaviest Champion The Rock
Lightest Champion Daniels
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)            

The main OPW Championship for the Smackdown Brand, Christopher Daniels is the current Champion.

Championship History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Vacant 10/4/13
Edge 1 4/5/13 2 Chicago,illinois OPW Money in the Bank First
Randy Orton 1 6/5/13 10 Minutes Chicago,Illinois OPW Episode 18
Dolph Ziggler 1 6//5/13 35 Chicago,illinois OPW Episode 18 Cashed in his money in the bank briefcase
The Rock 1 10/6/13 12 Tokyo, Japan OPW One Night Only Won the First OPW and Smackdown Elimination Chamber



1 22/6/13 29 Miami, Florida OPW Episode 25 Beat The Rock due to interference by Goldberg
Retired 21/07/13 Retired due to firing of Christopher Daniels and unified with the OPW title