WorldWide Championship
Current champion(s) Norm Dailey
Date Won OPW Warzone 206
League OPW
Brand OPW Warzone
Introduced December 11, 2013
Retired March 3, 2017
Most reigns Brock Lesnar; Danny Jackpot (2 reigns)
First Champion Brock Lesnar
Last Champion Norm Dailey
Longest Reign Sting (180 days)
Shortest Reign Brock Lesnar (0 days)
Heaviest Champion Brock Lesnar
Lightest Champion Danny Jackpot
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The OPW Worldwide Championshop was formally the OPW World Heavyweight Championship and it is the main championship for the OPW Spirit brand, its debut was at OPW Wrestlemaia 1 when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker to become first champion and end the streak. During Danny Jackpot's reign as World Heavyweight Champion, The OPW Undisputed Championship became vacated. This would make Danny proclaim himself and rename the title the OPW Worldwide Championship. The final champion was Randy Orton unifying the title with the Soul brand major championship.

During the middle of OPW Season 3, Triple H would un-unify the OPW and Worldwide Championships handing the Worldwide Championship to Sting. The Current Champion is Norm Dailey.

Superstar Times won Date Won Days Held Event won at
Brock Lesnar 1 12/11/13 88 OPW Wrestlemania 1
Danny Jackpot 1 3/9/14 13 OPW Lockdown
Danny Jackpot renamed championship to OPW Worldwide Championship.
Brock Lesnar 2 3/21/14 0 OPW Fatal Fortune
Danny Jackpot 2 3/26/14 27 OPW Episode 100
Dolph Ziggler 1 4/23/14 3 OPW Episode 112
Randy Orton 1 4/26/14 0 OPW King of the Ring 2
Title was unified with the OPW Championship.
Sting 1 6/9/15 180 OPW Warzone 182
El Diablous 1 12/6/15 178 OPW Summerslam 3: Wrath
Title was vacated on OPW 206
Norm Dailey 1 6/2/16 654+ OPW Warzone 206