OPW Wrestlemania 3
Tagline(s) "3 Years...3 Cities...3 Nights"
Promotion OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling
Date July 5th, 2016
Venue Wembley Arena
Allstate Arena
The Tokyo Dome
City London, United Kingdom
Chicago, Illinois
Tokyo, Japan
Theme Song "Whore" by In This Moment
"It Has Come to This" by Runblebee
Last Event OPW Sloth
Next Event OPW Absolute Zero 4

OPW Wrestlemania 3 was the 10th overall CPV of OPW Season 3 and 3rd the CPV under the OPW Wrestlemania name. It featured the Royal Rumble winner against a world champion of his choice with the winner of the Death or Glory series facing the other. The event took place over 3 nights in 3 different major world cities.


Night 1: Chicago

Result Stipulation
Explicit (c) def. King Krip OPW Intercontinental Championship
Aaron Omega def. Cyrus Perizma (c) NXT Championship
Python and The Unknown def. Jokerr and Krow NXT Tag Team Championship

Night 2: Tokyo

Result Stipulation
John Depp (c) def. Crystal 1 OPW Championship
The Consortium (c) def. The Random Fans Empty Arena Match for the OPW Tag Team Championship
Gekkido Illidari def. Ace Justice (c) [1] OPW Global Championship

Night 3: London

Result Stipulation
Norm Dailey (c) def. Joe Omega No Holds Barred Match for the OPW Worldwide Championship; Lucy is banned from ringside.
Millón Disparos def. Butch Simpson [2] Singles Match
Krow def. Viktor Armada (c) OPW Television Championship


  • 1 - Ace Justice will perform twice in one night.
  • 2 - The debut of Millón Disparos.
  • 3 - Krow will travel over night from Chicago to London in order to take part in both events.