OPW X-Division Championship
Current champion(s) Prince Devitt
Date Won OPW 104
League OPW
Brand Spirit
Introduced January 2014
Most reigns Everyone (1)
First Champion Seth Rollins
Last Champion
Longest Reign Seth Rollins (23 Days)
Shortest Reign Big Daddy V (10 Days)
Heaviest Champion Big Daddy V
Lightest Champion Tigre Uno
Other Name(s) OPW European Championship
Past design(s)

The OPW X-Division championship is the unified championship of the OPW Hardcore and OPW Global Championships, The Final Champion was Drew McIntyre.


Superstar Name Times Held Date Won Days Held Location Won Notes
16th January 2014 Unification of Hardcore and Global
Seth Rollins 1 16th January 2014 23 + Hardcore & Global Title Reigns Chicago OPW Backlash
Big Daddy V 1 8th February 2014 10 Boston Mass OPW Judgement Day
VACANT 18th February 2014 Big Daddy V passes away
Sunny Meadows 1 22nd February 2014 17 Glasgow, Scotland OPW Soul 80
Finlay 1 9th March 2014 2 Manchester, England Title switched brands in the proccess. 
Tigre Uno 1 11th March 2014 21 Wakefield, England
Prince Devitt 1 1st April 2014 25 Tokyo, Japan.
Drew McIntyre 1 26/4/14 0