Off Script Wrestling (OFW) is upcoming CAW Fed run by Ozzieboy where it is based on matches and rarely has promos in it, and  Aligments don't really matter to OFW so that means a heel can fued with a heel and face can fued with a face. Making it not to be as serious of a league. It currently has 24 wrestlers and will have shows and CPVs/Mega Events.


Name Finishers Championship and Accomplishments Other Notes
Austin Aries Brainbuster, Last Chancey
Antonio Cesaro Neutralizer
Ace Eagles Warp 4.5, Pulse Drop, Ace Crusher
Amazing Red Code Red, Infrared
Brad Maddox Deal Breaker
Bobby Roode PayOff, Spear
CM Punk GTS - Go 2 Sleep, Anaconda Vise
Chris Jericho Code Breaker, Walls of Jericho, Liontamer
Chris Benoit Crippler Crossface, Diving Headbutt
Daniel Bryan Lebell Lock, Gullitine Choke
Dean Ambrose Midnight Special, Knee Trambler, Ambrose Bite
Eddie Edwards Achillies Lock, Die Hard
Kassius Ohno KO
Seth Rollins Blackout
Tyson Kidd Code Blue Blockbuster/Splash, Sharpshooter
Matt Hardy Twist of Fate
Low Ki Ki Krusher, Warrior's Way
Kurt Angle Angle Slam, Ankle Lock
Samoa Joe Muscle Buster, Coquina Clutch
Rhyno Gore
Kevin Steen Package Piledriver
MVP Playmaker, Play of the Day
James Storm Last Call, Eye of the Storm
Jeff Hardy Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb

Championship Name Defeated Show won Other Notes
OFW Championship TBD
OFW Intercontinental Championship TBD
OFW Hardcore Championship TBD



January/Febuary: We Did it for the Hits

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