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Old Man with Crippled Penis
Names Old Man with Crippled Penis
Random Old Man
Height 5 ft.
Weight 160 lbs.
Born January 17, 1928
Birthplace Cornflake, Arkansas
Resides Cornflake, Arkansas
Billed from Cornflake, Arkansas
Trained by Self Trained, Watched The Crippler
Debut 28th April 2010
Retired NEVA

Old Man with Crippled Penis is a CAW superstar who debuted April 29th 2010 in NAW where he won the NAW Hardcore Championship.


The Old Man was a diehard Crippler fan who traveled the world following The Crippler's every match. One night the Old Man finally met The Crippler and pulled his pants down and asked The Crippler to sign his penis. The Crippler who was disgusted at the request put the Old Man's penis in a Crossface, forever crippling it. 2 weeks later the Old Man vowed to take revenge on The Crippler for ruining his life.

New Age Wrestling

He appeared on NAW when he defeated General Dingos to win the NAW Hardcore Championship.

Finishers & Signature Moves

Crippled Revenge - Jackknife Powerbomb

Title History

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