Omar Habul as SmackDown GM

Omar Habul is a TNE manager. He manages Monzer Mazaydeh, Dude and Ryan Baxter in Omar Habuls Roundtable. In 2012, Omar ran into Josh Bowers, and told him that he was phat. Josh didn't take kindly to this and sat on Omar, crushing his ribcage into his lungs, killing him in the process.

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

Habul managed Monzer Mazaydeh against Tyson to become #1 Contender for the TNE World Heavyweight Championship. Habul took the corner for Mazaydeh when he won the TNE World Heavyweight Championship. In episode 3 Habul was assulted by Tyson and Devon Aarons during a tag team match. In episode 4 Habul talked with Dude backstage asking him to be his client. In episode 7 Omar Habul interfered with a match.

SmackDown General Manager

In episode 10 he was made the SmackDown general manager.

Omar Habuls Roundtable

Members: Monzer Mazaydeh, Dude, Ryan Baxter. It is Omar's Objective to make each one of his members a champion in the future.

In Wrestling

Wrestlers Managed:

Championships and accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Entertainment (as Manager)

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