Online CAW League
Acronym OCL
Establishment Voltage
Owner(s) Uncredited: Danny Jackpot
Staff Jason Viper (Play by Play)
Suspect (Color Commentator)

This is a Online League for Xbox 360 run by Danny Jackpot . Most of the matches take place on Smackdown Vs Raw 2009.

Active Roster

Sporadic Appearances

Former Stars

  • Matt Insane
  • Klesh
  • Alex Corona
  • Javori
  • Dynomite
  • Jaws
  • VooDoo Zombie
  • Aaron Rogers

OCL Titles


Championship Current Champion Previous Champion
OCL World Heavyweight Championship Cosmic Vacant
OCL Platinum Championship Hunter Stone Vacant


Championship Last champion(s) Previous Champion
OCL Intercontinental Championship Oshujax (3rd Reign) Aaron Rogers (2nd Reign)
OCL Hardcore Championship Danny Jackpot Oshujax

External Links

Where to find matches

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