Online Wrestling Association
Acronym OWA
Establishment 2011-Current
Owner(s) Daniel Barber
Staff Sean Davis,Mark T-Hall,DanB
Formerly N/A

Online Wrestling Association (OWA) is a wrestling league created by Daniel Barber who previously created Online Frenzied Wrestling (OFW).


OWA began after Daniel retired from doing OFW as he felt "OFW has ran his course". He then decided to start a brand new league with fresh faces and fresh titles.

OWA Guts and Glory

OWA's debut show will be it's mega show Guts and Glory. Where a 16 man OWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament will unfold to decide the first OWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Joining the UWC

As of 2011 OWA went under the UWC brand. With other leagues like MWL and AWF.


Picture Name Allign


Wins/Loses Resides Height Weight Signatures Finishers Accomplishments
Ash O'Neil Face Chicago Illinois 6'2 234lbs
Laurence O'Sullivan Heel



6'6 266lbs
The Black Heart Face Parts Unknown 6'8 277lbs
Chucky "Notorious" Ray Heel The Toy Box 6'1 225lbs
"The Franchise" Doug Wilson Heel Los Angelis California 6'2 250lbs
Max Damage Face Boston Massachusetts 6'7 248lbs
Dwayne Turner Face


New York

6'4 277lbs
Mark Hayes Face


North Carolina

5'11 220lbs
Kurt Hayes Face


North Carolina

6'1 227lbs
Anton Kozlov Face Russia 7'0 372lbs
Mr Happy Face Face The Happiest Land 5'11 223lbs
Colossus Heel Japan 6'7 339lbs
Fox Price Face


New York

6'1 230lbs
Mohammed Bashir Heel India 6'2 232lbs
Vincent DeFranco Heel Washington DC 6'3 236lbs
The Wild Dog Face Richmond Virginia 6'5 292lbs
Brian Nash Face
Isaiah Morgan Face
Damian Omega Face
La Grande Mask Face
Donny Wolfe Heel
Xplosion Face
D Palumbo Heel
"Prime Time" Shane Meadow Face
Eric Myers Face
"The Brain" Kevin Francis Fink Heel
Ryuu Choshi Face
Tatsuya Handa Face
Skullz Heel
Bladez Heel
Rick Turner Face
Danny Turner Face
Vladimir Antonov Heel
Artur Volkov Heel
Dr Acid Face
Professor Toxic Face
Lance Major Heel
Charles Doring Heel
John Hart Face
Rex Marter Face
Linda Turner Face
Miss Extreme Heel
Val Tine Heel
Diana Love Face
Sarah Foster Face
"The Monster" Demented Heel
Mickie Sky Face

Tag Teams

Picture Team Name Members Allignment Combined Weight Resides Finisher Accomplishments

The Dragon Demons

Ryuu Choshi

Tatsuya Handa


Metal Health




Southern Impact

Rick Turner

Danny Turner


The Pain

Vladimir Antonov

Artur Volkov


The Acid Professors

Dr Acid

Professor Toxic


Harvard Elite

Lance Major

Charles Doring

Kevin Francis Fink


Worlds Most Wanted

John Hart

Rex Marter



Picture BIo Accomplishments
Sean Davis Owner of OWA
Mark T-Hall OWA Interviewer
DanB OWA Commentator

Official CPVs

These are the official CPV names for OWA

  • OWA Rebellion
  • OWA Battle Ground
  • OWA Countdown
  • OWA Dystopia
  • OWA Blockbuster
  • OWA Divided We Fall
  • OWA Kings of the World
  • OWA Patriot Pain
  • OWA Royal Jubliee
  • OWA The Final Road
  • OWA Guts and Glory

OWA Official Championships

These are the official championships for OWA

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