Otis the Executioner is a CAW wrestler currently working at the New-NAW Independent Training Facility. He made his debut as a bodyguard at The ITF's second major show Quiet Riot for the Dark Carnival's Bonkers and The Foreign Mime. He caused a distraction for the referee just long enough for The Foreign Mime to take advantage and pick up a win for his team, defending the ITF Tag Team Championships.

Before making his online debut he would spend years in the offline CAW league CBW.

Otis the Executioner
Otis the Executioner
Billing information
Ring Names Otis the Executioner
Height 6'8
Weight 280 lbs
Born August 15th, 1990
Hometown  ???
Resides Parts Unknown
Billed From Parts Unknown
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Trainer(s) CBW
Styles Powerhouse
Professional career
Debut 2016
Retired {{{retired}}}

Theme Song

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