Outer Limit Wrestling
Acronym OLW
Establishment 2010
Owner(s) Steven Spriter
Staff Steven Spriter, Soundwave, Shetty, Danny Jackpot
Formerly NAW South

Outer Limit Wrestling (abbreviated to OLW), was a CAW League created by NAW South Owner, Steven Spriter.

Outer Limit Wrestling was apart of The Vivianverse.

Current Roster

Former Talent

Current Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
OLW World Heavyweight Championship Vacated September 7, 2010 None BjGonnaWin
OLW Intercontinental Championship Vacated March 3, 2010 None Randy Marsh
OLW Tag Team Championship


September 7, 2010 None

California Connection

(John Morrison & Super Macho Man)

OLW Hardcore Championship Alberto del Rio September 11, 2010 OLW Webmatch 11/09/10 Steven Raden

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