Pain Unlimited was the first Click-Per-View Event of Season 2 for the PAWL, and took place in late October of 2007. In this Click-Per-View Event, every match was contested under No Holds Barred Rules, as it was the theme of the event. This event would go down as one of the most brutal Click-Per-Views in PAWL history.


Davis Motomiya defeated Zelgadis Greywords

Fatal Fourway for the PAWL Hardcore Championship

Matt Ishida defeated Inuyasha, Yugi Moto, and Seto Kaiba to win the PAWL Hardcore Championship

- Matt Ishida pinned Seto Kaiba while Inuyasha was busy with Yugi Moto

PAWL Women's Championship

Tenten defeated Amelia Seyruun to retain the PAWL Women's Championship

Koga defeated Michiru Kururugi

- If Koga had lost, he would have had his head shaved bald by Michiru Kururugi

- Because Koga won, he gained the services of Kagome Higurashi

- After the match, Koga continued to attack Michiru Kururugi, and then piledrove him through an announce table, putting Michiru on the injured list for most of Season 2

PAWL Tag Team Championships

Samurai Squad (Kenshin Himura & "Samurai Legend" Musashi) defeated Team Yu-Gi-Oh (Joey Wheeler & Tristan Taylor) to win the PAWL Tag Team Championships

PAWL World Championship

Naraku defeated Tai Kamiya to win the PAWL World Championship

- Matt Ishida interfered against Tai Kamiya, despite being locked away after his match earlier in the night

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