Red Zone was the second Click-Per-View Event of Season 2 of PAWL. This CPV featured many unpredictable moments in some of the matches, and was one to remember.


PAWL Women's Championship

Sakura Kinomoto defeated Tenten to win the PAWL Women's Championship

- Sakura Kinomoto was a surprise opponent for Tenten

- This was Sakura Kinomoto's debut match in the PAWL

- This was Tenten's first loss in the PAWL

Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match for the PAWL Tag Team Championships

Team Yu-Gi-Oh (Joey Wheeler & Tristan Taylor) defeated Samurai Squad (Kenshin Himura & "Samurai Legend" Musashi) and Team MAR (Jack & Alviss) to win the PAWL Tag Team Championships

- Alviss and Musashi both suffered back injuries in this match and would be out of action until Voltage 23

Koga w/ Kagome Higurashi defeated Davis Motomiya

PAWL Hardcore Championship

Ginta Toramizu defeated Kabuto Yakushi to retain the PAWL Hardcore Championship

-Kabuto had the match won, but was distracted by the S_Ocean.PS2 promo, giving Ginta enough time to recover and win the match

Steel Cage Match

Tai Kamiya defeated Matt Ishida

No DQ Fatal Fourway Match for the PAWL World Championship

Naraku defeated Seto Kaiba, Inuyasha, and Might Guy to retain the PAWL World Championship

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