Pw360 is a simulation league created by Johnny of New Legacy Inc. It currently hosts 33 teams of 2 wrestlers each. It is hosted on nL's Youtube and page. It currently has held three events


Each win is considered one point. Eliminations in a elimination match are considered one point each if noted. If a wrestler loses at any time, he loses all of his point and has 0 points.


Battle for 1 Point

Where the White Women At?

Tyin' Your Tubes - A Youtube Exclusive show

Tatsu Vs. Chester


Best Wrestler Ever!: Qualify by getting 3 points.

  • Current Champion: Yoshi Tatsu (1st Reign)

Almost Best Wrestler Ever: Qualify by getting 2 points and cashing them in.

  • Current Champion: The Great Muta (1st reign)


Name Colours

Member of the RAW brand.

Member of the SmackDown brand.
Current Holder of The Best Wrestler Ever Title
Current Holder of The Almost Best Wrestler Ever Title
Username Wrestler 1 Wrestler2 Team Name
Afro Bandito Undertaker Great Muta Fro-tang Clan
Atw Owner Randy Orton Scott Steiner
Arcan Zack Ryder Justin Gabriel
BigBayneMachine The Rock Abyss
Blake CM Punk Giant Tiger
Caveman Triple H Ric Flair Cavelution
ChazFTW2010 The Miz Christopher Daniels
DaveMartini Rob Van Dam Paul London
Igiul283 Edge TAKA Michinoku Rated E for Evil
Hipnosis Ezekiel Jackson AJ Styles
Homer "Dashing" Cody Rhodes Darren Young
Itstreamsbynight2 Chris Jericho Dynamite Kid
J-Fu2009 Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy
Johnny Stone Cold Brodie Lee
JohnRKOAnthony Evan Bourne Pinkie Sanchez
Jon Mike Knox Austin Aries
L.T. Dangerous Finlay Kaval
Malaphesto Vance Archer Daniel Bryan
Mattude Christian Jushin Liger
Otto Goldust Uncle Chester
POD7 William Regal Lance Storm BritStorm
Slip Luke Gallows Eddie Kingston
Spriter Chris Master Michael Tarver
TardisTard Sheamus Samoa Joe
ThatGuyPOH Ted Dibiase Jr. Alberto Del Rio
TheGhostlyFigure Terry Funk Vader
Themizv2 John Cena Rhyno
Undamaged Threat Ricky Steamboat Desmond Wolfe
VelVel Faysh Shawn Micheals Kurt Angle
WALLEH Yoshi Tatsu Sabu
WEDFedration Big Show Gunner Scott
Zero Jack Swagger La Parka

Specific Teams:

These are teams comprised of wrestlers not held by the same user.

Punk/Gallows: SES

J. Hardy/ M. Hardy/ London/ RVD: Team Weed/ Weed World Order (WWO)

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