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Pornoman is a current CAW superstar, signed with New Age Wrestling where he has most reigns as NAW Champion. He also "killed" PFAN at KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge

New Age WrestlingEdit

Pornoman debuted in NAW, and after all his hard work and funny antics, he won his first NAW Championship from Larry It.


  • Titty Buster (Reverse DDT)
  • Urine Rage (Pissing Side Slam)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

New Age Wrestling

Other Accomplishments Edit

Theme Songs Edit

  • I'm going to give you A.I.D.S by ANAL CUNT (NAW) (Current)
  • Money in my Life by C-Note (NAW)
  • I'm Black Ya'll (NAW)

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