Professional Wrestling Association(PWA) is a WWE '12 video game wrestling caw league. PWA is mainly a real life wrestler organization although it does have some original CAWs.

There are 3 shows in PWA, RAW, Smackdown and Dynasty. RAW and Smackdown are normal shows with regular storylines but Dynasty is for new wrestlers or superstars that don't have any storylines to be in.

Only one show has aired so far. This was the first episode of RAW which featured Michael Cole being revealed as the general manager and Stone Cold becoming the inguaral PWA Champion but was later attacked by The Rock.

Here is the list of Championships and their champions.

PWA Champion: Stone Cold

Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero

World Tag Team Champions: Edge and Christian

World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

United States Champion: Vacant

European Champion: Randy Savage

Hardcore Champion: CM Punk

Lightweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

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