Really Awful Wrestling Rebellion
RAWR symbol
Acronym RAWR
Establishment January 3,2010
Owner(s) Vince Russo(KayFabe), Soundwave721
Staff Soundwave721, DannyJackpot, & Burb
Formerly Fearless Championship Wrestling

RAWR's Beginning

RAWR Actually started back in Mid-2009 as random matches with an indefinite roster featuring; Generic XBL CAW, SD! Green guy, Dr.Phil, etc.The Original RAWR gave rise to current CAW superstar Phil Collins.Back then RAWR was just a side project to Youtube user Soundwave721 who was focusing more on Fearless Championship Wrestling.Soundwave decided to can FCW and focus on his more successful RAWR. RAWR Debuted with a CPV called "RAWR Royal Rumble". It was a 24 man Battle Royal to determine RAWR's first ever World champ. The Entire roster was created by SMF Forum Members.

WTF was up with those terrible CAWs!?!?

RAWR as it was in it's No Mercy days was inspired by ASWL which made characters in No Mercy it's impossible to make, to parody ACWL.

RAWR has since abandoned that premise when it moved over to SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

The Move from No Mercy

On March 9th 2010 RAWR moved from No Mercy to SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain for the PS2

The Superstars of RAWR

  • Vince Russo(GM)
  • Xbox360
  • Tarzan
  • Phil Collins
  • Drew Pickles
  • Fred Durst
  • Rhyno
  • Kevin Nash
  • Charizard
  • Dan Severn
  • The Dark Magician
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Sportacus
  • Rob Van Dam
  • John Goodman
  • Nigel Wolfe
  • Jesse James
  • Marcus Lytle
  • Charlie Brown
  • Poke'Ball
  • Major Chip Hazard
  • Gumby
  • Chumlee
  • Soldier Ant
  • Fire Ant
  • Skull Duggary
  • Slither

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Colony: Soldier Ant & Fire Ant
  • Them Douches: Chad Kroeger & Jesse James
  • Rollin' Fat: Fred Durst & John Goodman
  • REAL RASSLERS: THE CRUSHER,Skull Duggary, and Slither

Former Talent

  • Al Gore (Released 1/28/10)
  • Paulie Romanov's Eyebrows (Released 1/28/10)
  • Steve Black Man (Released 1/28/10)
  • Batista (Released...The Animal inside him)
  • The General Lee (Released 2/19/10)
  • Sonia (Released 3/9/10)
  • Susan Boyle (Released 3/9/10)
  • Luther Reigns (Released 3/9/10)
  • Mark Jindrak (Released 3/9/10)
  • Spyro (Released 5/15/10)
  • Jay (Released 5/15/10)
  • Silent Bob (Released 5/15/10)
  • Flavor Flav (Released 6/17/10)
  • CAW All The Time

Current Champions

  • RAWR World Champion -- Dan Severn
  • RAWR Intercontinental Champion -- Nicolas Cage
  • RAWR European Champion -- Gumby
  • RAWR Tag Team Champions -- Chad Kroeger & Jesse James

RAWR Shows

*Show names Subject to change*

e v Vivianverse CAW League
Main: iPW · Jeri-MAX · New-NAW · New-WWE · TCW* · WEDF · NESE
Developmental: DCO
Defunct/Former: OLW · RAWR · WWCW · HRW · WFC · TNE · WCDW · WCW · URW · NAW · IWT · New-TNA · DCWL · NSCW · SDA · DJW · JJPW · CAWllision · FNW

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