Crusin' For A Brusin'
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Promotion RAWR
Date  ???
Venue Somewhere smelly
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Theme Song Nerve by SOiLWORK
Next Event RAWR Rumble Of Honor

RAWR's first ever interactive pay per view. It is RAWR's 4th CPV since creation.

Votes for this CPV took place at the Something_CAWful forums; Voting was closed on July 21,2010

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Marcus Lytle Vs. THE CRUSHER Lumberjack Match
2 Gumby(C) Vs. Nigel Wolfe TLC Match for RAWR European Championship
3 Kevin Nash Vs. The Crippler DEATHMATCH where loser dies
4 Them Douches(C) Vs. The Colony RAWR Tag Team Championship
5 Nicolas Cage(C) Vs. The Punisher RUSSO RULES MATCH for RAWR Intercontinental Championship
Main Rhyno(c) Vs. Dan Severn RAWR World CHampionship

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