The Royal Jelly
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Promotion RAWR
Date  ???
Venue Allstate Arena
City Rosemont, Illinois
Theme Song Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize
Last Event RAWR Wrestlemania 75

The Royal Jelly is the second RAWR CPV event. It is named after a WCCW/XCW event that was never made. It is RAWR's King Of The Ring style event.

RAWR King of the jelly tournament5

# Results Stipulations
1 Major Chip Hazard(C) Vs. ??? RAWR European Championship
2 Charizard(C) Vs. Nicholas Cage RAWR Intercontinental Championship
3 Tough Mother Fuckers(C) Vs. CAWALLTHETIME RAWR Tag Team Championship
4 Mark Jindrak Vs. Charlie Brown King Of The Jelly Semi-Finals
5 Nigel Wolfe Vs. Sportacus King Of The Jelly Semi-Finals
Main (Mark Jindrak/Charlie Brown) Vs. (Sportacus/Nigel Wolfe) King Of The Jelly Finals

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