RAW Wresltepalooza 2009 is an upcoming Click-Per-View which will feature superstars from Rough Action Wrestling. It will be held at Wembley Stadium as it's one of RAW's big four. It currently has 8 matches on it's card.


Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Cowboy Cody vs. Peter Lust vs. Mick Sheridan vs. Cody Vain vs. Dynamite vs. Jumpin Jack'

6-Man Tag Team Match

The Great One's vs. Hot Stuff & Carlos & Antonio

Singles Match

RAW Cruiserweight Championship

Michael Hunter vs. Prototype

Tag Team Match

RAW World Tag Team Championship

Spike n' Mike vs. Japenese Foundation

Triple Threat Match

RAW United States Championship

Jim Clark vs. Peter Mannino vs. Skullduggery

Unsanctioned Match

Ryan Wilson vs. Sean Wilson

Falls County Anywhere Match

For No 1# Contendership at RAW Wreckage 2009

Joel Carter vs. Dead Man Joe

Four Way Steel Cage Match

RAW World Heavyweight Championship

Paul Malone vs. Machine Gun Mike vs. The Boogeyman vs. Mr Kennedy

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