The RCWA World championship tournament decided the first ever RCWA World Champion on Sunday, May 3rd at Mission Control 2009.

Round one

Nelson Gauge Def. George Lazerfire
Muggshott Def. Fernando Cortez
Paul Redd Def. Wilt Jackson
Hick Franks Def. Jave Metalhead
X-Killer Def. Porkchop
Travis Hawke Def. Jason Greyhound
Osi Anyaou Def. Xavier Python
Greaver Def. Chris DelVito

Quarter Finals

Muggshott Def. Nelson Gauge
Hick Franks Def. Paul Redd
Travis Hawke Def. X-Killer
Greaver Def. Osi Anyaou


Muggshott Def. Hick Franks
Greaver Def. Travis Hawke


  • This match is at Mission Control 2009
  • This match is for the RCWA World Championship

Muggshott Def. Greaver

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