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Anime CAW Exodus is a Multi Event CPV, involving multiple Leagues, specifically, leagues that contain Anime Characters in their roster. This event marked the launch of RCWF.

Event Info

  • Venue: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
  • Date: March 2008 (Exact Date Undisclosed)
  • Theme Song: "The Way You Like It" by Adema


  • ACW Extreme Rules Match: Gaara of the Desert vs. Rock Lee vs. Sasuke Uchiha
  • NGW Million Dollar Championship: Hardcore Match: Rinoa Hartilly Vs The Million Dollar Champion Sakura Haruno
  • PAWL Extreme Hardcore Match for the PAWL World Title: PAWL Champion Might Guy VS. Tai Kamiya
  • PAWL No Holds Barred Match for the PAWL Women's Championship: Women's Champion Kagome Higurashi vs Sakura Kinomoto vs. Ten-Ten
  • Pride AC Elimination Chamber Match: Tommy Kazarian vs. RCWF's T.K. Ishida vs, DCW's Gene Starwind vs. Eddie Schmidt vs. ACW's Naruto Uzumaki vs WWE's Matt Hardy
    • Note: This will be Matt Hardy's only appearance in a Pride AC Match.
  • RCWF Champion of Champions Steel Cage Match: Vixens Champion Tenna Harasamma vs Knockout Champion Princess Eirika
  • RCWF Tag Team Hell in The Cell: The Brood (Myotismon and Itachi Uchiha) vs. Evolution Legends (X Champion R.T. Tankell and Rock Volnutt)
  • RCWF Anime World Championship: Last Man Standing Match: "The Instant Classic" Johnny Cage vs. Anime World Champion "Digidestined of Justice" DJ Rocket
    • If Johnny Cage wins, he will become the Anime World Champion, If he loses, he can not request a title match to any of the RCWF staff. He will only get a title shot if management decides he deserves one.


  • Tenna Harasamma def. Princess Eirika
  • Kagome Higurashi def. Ten-Ten and Sakura Kinomoto to retain the PAWL Women's Title
  • Rinoa Heartilly def. Sakura Haruno to Become the new Million Dollar Champion
  • The Brood def. Evolution Legends
  • Naruto Uzumaki def. Tommy Kazarian,Eddie Schmidt,Gene Starwind,T.K. Ishida and Matt Hardy.
  • Sasuke Uchiha def. Gaara and Rock Lee.
  • DJ Rocket def. Johnny Cage to retain the Anime World Title.

Controversial Moment

After Retaining the PAWL Women's Title, Kagome was attacked by a mysterious woman who was later revealed to be Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo), she was recently hired into the PAWL roster and decided to make a name for herself by attacking the champion.

Next Year's Event Details

After several failed attempts to launch the 2nd edition of the MegaCPV, Exodus has been cancelled.

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