The King of Anime Tournament spans the Big 4 of Anime CAW: RCWF, ACW, Pride AC and PAWL. It is a King of The Ring-like Tournament that culminates with the winners of the Divisional Tournaments to face off in a 4 way Last Man Standing Match. The Last Man Standing will become the King of Anime.


King of Anime Logo

Event Info

  • Location: Seattle, Washington; Key Arena
  • Theme: TBD
  • Date: August-October 2008
  • The Tournament will span the ACB4's main shows and the finals for each division will be held at the KOA CPV.

Other Info

  • All Matches are o Holds Barred leading up to the Final Match, which is Last Man Standing.
  • A Queen of Anime Tournament is also being considered for this CPV.

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