RCW Episode 1

  • Opening-The show opens with pyro through out the arena and Kay and Goodman welcoming all the wrestling fans to the first ever RCW show. After that Joey comes out and the fans give him a standing ovation. Chanting his name. Joey waits a few minutes to soak it all in. Joey than welcomes everyone and says that he will do his best to represent RCW just like he did with JCW by being the first RCW Heavyweight Champion. But he than gets inturrupted by RKO. RKO asks Joey what have you done in this business to say something like that. No response from Joey. Than he says that he will go on to become the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion wether you or these fans like it or not. Than the commisoner Denzel Washington comes out and says that they will be holding a tournament tonight to determine the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion. And the Runner up gets a consalation prize but Denzel does not say what that is. He than goes on to say that everyone on the roster will be in it and it starts next with B-BOW vs Bradley Danger. Kay says tonight will be one for the ages as Goodman wants a dunkin donuts coffee.
  • Bradley def B-BOW
  • Captain Edward def Demoltion
  • James Avery def Jeremy Thunder
  • Michael Kay- These three winners will face each other tonight in a triple threat to advance to the finals. Now next Will Smith vs Joey. John Goodman- Lets go Fresh Prince! My show was better though.
  • Will Smith def Joey(Joey got screwed over by John Goodman Interfering)
  • Michael Kay- Why the hell you do that? John Goodman- I cant stand to see another day to see Joey as Champion. Michael Kay- John I would watch yourself if i was you.(security takes Joey away as he his livid at John Goodman) John Goodman- What a sore loser. Michael Kay- Well RKO vs The President next.
  • RKO def The President
  • The King def Nathan
  • Michael Kay- Semi-final triple threat action next!
  • James Avery def Captain Edwawrd and Bradley
  • Will Smith def RKO and The King
  • Michael Kay- James Avery vs Will Smith, nephew vs uncle Heavyweight Title match next! And John please dont interfere. John Goodman- No Comment.
  • Will Smith def James Avery(NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion) Michael Kay- And without the assistance from my partner Will Smith is the NEW and First Ever RCW Heavyweight Champion. (Joeys Music hits and he comes rushing down to the ring and ambushes Will Smith and John Goodman runs out the arena. Joey stands there in the ring over the champ) Mcihael Kay- WOW what a night! What will happen next week? The RCW Heavyweight presentation and more dont miss it! Good night everyone!

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