Formerly known as the JCW United States Title now is RCW's second tier title. Currently held by James Avery. Here are a list of wrestlers who have held this title.

*JCW United States Championship

  • Monty Brown-1
  • Jeff Hardy-1
  • Kenny Dykstra-1
  • Jeff Hardy-2
  • Kenny Dykstra-2
  • R-PAC-1
  • Joey-1
  • Mark Henry-1
  • Kofi-1
  • Edge-1
  • Christain Cage-1(Dropped the title to focus more on the JCW World Title)
  • B-BOW-1(Was awarded the title after Cage dropped it since he was the #1 Contender)
  • Edge-2
  • Triple H-1
  • Joey-2

*RCW Television Championship

  • James Avery-1

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