Rod Reed
Rod Reed
Names Rod Reed
Height 6'2
Weight 245 lbs
Born July 18th, 1979
Birthplace HOUSTON
Billed from HOUSTON
Trained by Dory Funk Jr. Gym
Debut 2013
Retired N/A
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Personal Life

Rod Reed is a CAW Superstar signed to DCO, he was born in Houston and is a Caucasian male.


On April 9th, 2016, Reed broke into the home shared by the Queerstreet brothers (Gaylord and Rod Queerstreet) and their cousin Daryl in Gainesville Georgia, and brutally murdered them all with a lawnmower blade. After police discovered the bodies and news of the murders aired, Reed turned himself in and confessed, citing the motive was him suspecting that Daryl's girlfriend (name withheld) had stolen his Playstation Vita.


What is believed to be Reed's prison mugshot.


After several weeks behind bars, awaiting trial, Reed became bored of prison life. Fortunately for him, Satan jumped from hell and helped him escape his cell. After killing numerous guards and fellow inmates with his bare hands, the Houston native fled prison. He is currently at large, and is believed to have started a new life as a woman.

As of May 2017, he still has yet to recover his Playstation Vita, and has allegedly started a GoFundMe campaign to gain funds in order to convince whoever is in possession of it to come forward and return it.

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • The Houston Sweep

Championships and Accomplishments 


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