RPCW is a CAW league that was originally for text-based roleplaying on it died out/became unuseable),, and and other sites. It is meant to parody the past events on those sites the the roleplay characters featured in the show, but is also meant to entertain with the CAW matches themselves so it is open to all viewers! 

Roleplay Championship Wrestling
Acronym RPCW
Establishment November 24, 2013
Owner(s) Demise Avalon
Staff Demise Avalon
Formerly N/A


Demise Avalon, owner of Roleplayhumor youtube page, Tournament Arena on had decided to open his own CAW league. Inviting many of the most famous and infamous roleplayers of RP's past and present. Though it is starting out with a modest roster of 20, it shall expand and grow as the weeks advance.

Basic History Thus Far(Spoilers)

The Beginning!

20-Man Royal Rumble for RPCW Title! (Aka Episode 0)

The organization and first event was on November 24th 2013. Demise decided the best way to determine the first RPCW Champion was a 20-man mini-royal rumble  featuring each of the starting roster of RPCW.  After many warriors tried and failed, most notable Soki Noric able to eliminate Morris Mishima in under 30 seconds; which would result  resulted in the beginning of their intense rivalry, and Shinrei being eliminated by three men, Monkey D. Luffy, Tyroll, and Vayne; it came down to just two! Monkey D. Luffy and Tyroll of the Amber Alliance were the last two in the ring. Close calls came from both, but in the end Monkey D. Luffy eliminated Tyroll to become the first RPCW Champion!

Road to Post-Up or Shut-Up!

RPCW Presents Episode 1

On the historical first night of RPCW presents, Demise announced a Women's Division to be introduced at their first ever PPV(Called Not-PPV since you don't have to pay anything) Post-Up or Shut-Up! Also of a tag team tournament between the 4 current known teams. Most excitingly, two main events. One for a newly founded title, the T-1 Champion(sorta the US/Intercontinental title equivalent) between Vayne Hellstorm and Vinson Burns. The other was Soki Noric Vs Tyroll for the #1 contendership for the RPCW Title, held by Monkey D. Luffy. After an exciting night of many upset victories, including Hellhound losing to his rival, Hiame Crest; a few favorites shined. Horoku and Tengi (Crimson Rikugun) won against Monster and Sicks (Blitz) in a very close first round match. Vinson Burns defeated a pantless Vayne Hellstorm to become the first T-1 Champion. Lastly, Soki Noric defeated Tyroll (Despite his 20 German Suplexes to Soki). However, as Soki was celebrating, Morris Mishima (who Soki eliminated in the 20-Man Rumble in just 20 seconds) attacked the #1 Contender from behind. Lastly delivering a devastating Roundhouse Kick, knocking Soki out.

RPCW Presents Episode 2

The attack Morris did to Soki resulted in a one-on-one match next week! This was one of many announcements that included a Battle-Royal for the Roleplay Women's Championship at Post-Up or Shut Up! This was not the only thing that happened though, as Blitz was in a one on one matches with the current title holders. First, Monster fought the RPCW Champion, Monkey D. Luffy. With Sicks Sevin at ring-side, he interrupted what would have been a victory for Luffy and picked up the win! Similar tactics were used later that night for Sicks to score a victory over Vinson Burns. Steven challenged Shinrei to a match at both the evening and a Ladder Match at Post-Up or Shut-Up. Cryptic Cult then took on the Amber Alliance. Despite a valiant effort, Cryptic Cult fell short despite them literally changing personalities and bodies to improve their skills. It was now Crimson Rikugun Vs Amber Alliance at Post-Up or Shut-Up for the RP-Tag Titles! Another event was a 6-Man Over-the-Rope Elimination match for the #1 Contendership for the T-1 Title! Takero faced against the likes of Saito, Hiame, Hellhound to win this match! At the main event, Morris and Soki at last faced each other. It was a hell of a match, going nearly twenty minutes, but in the end, Morris delivered the Roundhouse Kick to score a victory over Soki Noric, saying that the results of this match will determine Morris's future in the company.

RPCW Presents Episode 3

The next week continued the insanity the second episode brought. Sicks and Monster demanded to be put into the title matches at PUorSU, but Demise instead put them in a tag-match against Luffy and Vinson for the main event. If they win though, they will put put into the title matches they demanded (Monster for RPCW and Sicks for T-1). Other matches were put in place that night for the Not-PPV. Hiame and Hellhound agreed to a steel-cage match, Saito Sozen defeated Azure Beta for the fight to face a mystery and new superstar at PUoSU. Vayne attacked his own tag-team partner, Omen, backstage. After knocking him out, he declared a Table's Match for the Not-PPV. In the main event, after a half-hour war of a match. Luffy and Vinson fell just short, thus Sicks and Monster were put into those main-event match cards they wanted. After this, Morris came up to announce his hiatus, just to get interrupted by Soki. The Noric tried to abandon his #1 contendership for the RPCW title to face Morris in a Last-Man Standing Match. Morris refused, and as the night was about to end, Luffy attacked both men! Demise broke up the chaos and declared the RPCW Title Match to be a Fatal Four Way! Monster, Soki, Luffy, and Morris all brawled as the night closed off.

Post-Up or Shut-Up!

This brought us to the first Not-PPV Event itself; Post-Up or Shut-Up! It started off with Saito being defeated a new comer, Aiden Kurayami, and an underdog victory from Omen against Vayne as he splashed him through a table! It was a night where new champions were crowned. Sicks Sevin after a time and space bending Triple Threat Match had won the T-1 Title! After a hard fought Battle Royale, Ninania Shinko was declared the first Roleplay Women's Champion! The Amber Alliance then handled Crimson Rikugun in their tag match to become the first Roleplay Tag Champions! Lastly, in an EPIC main event, harsh words from interviews that went through the night had Monkey D. Luffy target Soki, him punishing Noric outside the ring, while Morris and Monster brawled in the ring. As Luffy was fighting off Monster, Morris moved in to put Soki into a submission hold. Soki tapped out, and Morris Mishima became the 2nd ever RPCW Champion!

Road to No Excuses!

RPCW Presents Episode 4

The first RPCW Presents after Post-Up or Shut-Up was the longest and biggest one yet! Luffy had announced he'd face Soki Noric that night for the #1 Contendership for the RPCW Championship. Surrendering his Rematch Cause for the RPCW Title he held the night before. Monster and Morris started off the night with the first match though, Mishma making Monster submit to the same hold Soki Noric had tapped out to at the Not-PPV. Thus he kept Monster out of the RPCW Championship picture! A brand new title belt was created, the T-2 Title Belt. It was a belt that was designed to be defend each week in RPCW Presents, and each of its Not-PPVs. Aiden Kurayami and Omen fought each other for this brand new title! Omen had fought hard, but at the match's beginning, Vayne had cast a spell ridding Omen of all his cloths! Aiden pinned Omen, to become the first ever T-2 Speed Champion! Next up, Vinson Burns and Sicks Sevin fought each other one on one, with no Monster at Sicks's ringside. It was an even match-up, and despite Sicks hitting his new finisher, the Sevins Clash, Vinson manged to pick of the victory, becoming the T-1 Champion for the second time! (The first 2x holding champion for any title!). The future for other titles were also being shaped. Hellhound had just won against Hiame at Post-Up or Shut-Up, but were now talking backstage. After some convincing, Hellhound agreed to tag with Hiame. Takero and Saito overhead them, and challenged them to their first tag match! Hellhound and Hiame were in good form as they defeated the two samurai, but not all was as it seems. Despite many worrying it would be Hiame to back-stab Hiame, it was not only the wrong person, but the wrong team as Takero jumped Saito after the match! There was a 6-Woman Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royale. This introduced many new divas, including Lady Daku who had picked up the victory, and the right to face Red Sonja for the #1 contendership of the RPW Championship Ninania held. Shinrei and Steven had defeated Vayne in a handicap match. Steven had just been drafted into W.A.R despite his DQ victory at Post-Up or Shut-Up. Shinrei was at it again as he drafted Vayne into W.A.R as well, making it a 3-man stable! After this long night (where even a new superstar had crushed Azure Beta, Black Ace who was managed by Hikaru) it would be given its final chapter when Monkey D. Luffy and Soki Noric had at last faced each other one-on-one. This was originally suppose to be the Main Event at Post-Up or Shut-Up, but the fans got to see it that night! Despite Luffy being dominant throughout most of the match, Soki Noric had just barely pulled it off, making Luffy submit. With the picture for No Excuses being slowly painted, just what was the future for Monkey D. Luffy, and the title pictures of RPCW!?

RPCW Presents Episode 5

The next week started off with Vinson Burns winning a Fatal Four-Way against Sicks Sevin, Takero, and Saito. The winner picked the stipulation of their match at No Excuses. Vinson didn't want to bore the fans with Sicks and Vinson fighting over the T-1 Title week after week, so he chose for it to be 2-3 Falls! No rematch cause if Vinson loses. In what was one of the most epic matches in RPCW history, Red Sonja took on Lady Daku for the #1 Contendership of the RPW Title. Despite taking (Daku)Hades Drivers, Red Sonja was still able to pick up the win to get her one-on-one match against Ninania at No Excuses. With Monster no longer in contendership for the RPCW Title, he decided he would target Horoku of the Crimson Rikugun. First though, Tengi challanged him to a one-on-one match up! Slamming Tengi through the barricade before his defeat, Monster showed he was still a force to be reckoned with in RPCW! Steven of W.A.R qualified to take on Aiden for the T-2 Title, and lost. After two short matches where Tyroll defeated Fernus and Black Ace continued his winning streak against Omen, the main event was here! This was W.A.R Members, Shinrei and Vayne, taking on Hiame and Hellhound aka Team Trainfist for the #1 Contendership of the the RP-Tag Titles! It was a hard fought match, but W.A.R won in the end. After this, an texplosive contract signing between Morris and Soki for the RPCW Championship match took place which ended in a brawl! The end of the night though was Monkey D. Luffy coming out to announce his hiatus from RPCW; only to be interupted by Shinrei. Shinrei the annouced that he threw away the contendership for the tag titles in a surprising twist to face Monkey D. Luffy at No Excuses in a TLC Match! Still vengful over when he was one of the three men whom eliminated him in the 20-Man Royal Rumble. Luffy accepted this challange!

RPCW Presents Episode 6

RPCW 6 was a night of Tag-Team Matches! Two 3-on-3 Tag Matches where the bad girls beat the good girls, and Blitz (with new member Soska) was defated by Crimson Rikugun and Vinson. Takero jumped Saito back stage later on that night. The two biggest surprises though came at the beginning and before the main event of the night. Aiden Kurayami lost his T-2 Speed Title to Black Ace. Later that night, Team Trainfist gave Amber Alliance their first Tag-Team loss cementing them to be the #1 contenders for the RP-Tag Championships going into No Excuses. The main event was a tag match. Morris and Luffy tagged against Shinrei and a drunken (to cope having to work with Shinrei at all) Soki Noric. Morris and Luffy won that match giving them great momentum going into No Excuses!

No Excuses!

No Excuses itself had many high octane matches! Black Ace retained his T-2 Title against Aiden, Saito Sozen defeated the corrupt samurai, Takero, and Sicks somehow managed to get the Two Falls early in the match up against Vinson to become a 2-Time T-1 Champion! Red Sonja and Ninania put on a women's classic when they fought for the RP Women's championship, but the champion retained at the end of the match! An odd glitch happened in the Tag-Team Championship match where Hellhound and Tyroll were frozen in place. This meant that Fernus and Hiame had to finish out the match, and Hiame wasn't up to the task in this tornado tag match thus Amber Alliance retained. Monster had vanquished Horoku before what may be the greatest match in RPCW history! Shinrei Vs Monkey D. Luffy in a TLC match for the restraining order that would keep Shinrei away from Luffy for now on. It was a hellish match lasting over a half hour, in the end though, despite taking at least 5 Chidori's from Shinrei; Luffy had won! The main event had the biggest shock of the night. Less than 10 minutes into the RPCW Match against the champion, Morris Mishima, and the challenger, Soki Noric; Monster had come out to interfere. It was then that Hellhound came out, seeming to save the champion as he began to battle Monster, even knocking him down! It was there that a symbol of a horsehead came, the same that had appeared for the last 3 weeks in RPCW, along with a bluegrass version of the Four Horsemen. Once the cameras came back on, Hellhound had Morris stunned...and he hit him with the Hellfist! The fans booed but could only watch as the lights went out again, and Hiame appeared in the referee shirt! With that, the newly formed Four Horsemen stole the RPCW Title in this no DQ match! Soki Noric was the new RPCW Champion with this treachery!

Road to Novellarama!

RPCW Presents Episode 7

The Four had come had to gloat about their newly won title, and their plans to also claim the Tag and T-1 Titles. This was before Demise Avalon himself interfered and expressed his outrage of the situation. And some strong words, and fisty cups, Soki and Demise agreed to a one-on-one match up at RPCW 9. One where if Demise wins, the RPCW Title would be vacated! In the first match of the night, Shinrei's obsession continued. He sent a newly signed W.A.R member, Kazumasa of the legendary Kiseki Family to go against Luffy. It was a night-stealing match, but Luffy had won in a bloody match up! Vinson quickly defeated the newly returning Zassou(at the pre-show for No Excuses) before being attacked by Akira. Gregg, a new superstar who was summoned by Daku, had the dead American Gimmick of Hellhound and the discarded Jeff Hardy Gimmick of Steven. He made quick work of Omen in his debute match. Next, Hellhound and Hiame of The Four had an epic match up against Crimson Rikugun, but had just barely fell short to Soki's dismay as he disciplined them later that night, and declared Monster and Soki would face the two next RPCW Presents!  Black Ace took on Steven, who was hot off winning the 6-man battle royale in the No Excuses Pre-show. Steven came close, but in the end, Black Ace's dominant strength was to much. An oddity happened next. Saito called out the one behind Takero, and it turned out it was all a fake created by a new superstar, Edward Phoenix, who attacked Saito after the reveal. Beta, who has been on the losing end lately, challenged Aiden to a match. If he lasted at least 5-mins against Aiden, then he'd offer to train him some, and even form a tag team. Sadly, Beta barely made it three and a half minutes before being defeated. Monster confronted Sicks, who confirmed he was the #1 Contender for Sick's T-1 Title at Novellarama(The next RPCW Special). He was confronted by Soska, but Monster made quick work of him, launching him into the air before spearing him to the mat! In the main event, Shinrei had pulled strings to get his #1 Contendership back for the tag titles. In what may have been the best Tag-Team Championship match in RPCW History, Amber Alliance retained their titles after many close calls! The night then ended with Morris Mishima, who would face Soki Noric in a Last Man Standing Match for the RPCW Title at Novellarama, attacked Soki Noric backstage! With so much going on, how can The Four remain dominant in RPCW?!

Women of RPCW Episode 1

A new show, Women of RPCW was launched. It was an 8-Woman Tournament for the #1 Contendership of the RPW Title. The first match was the most shocking. Red Sonja had insulted Shiba at No Excuses before her losing title match against Ninania. Shiba looked for some payback against Sonja in this match-up. To everyone's surprise, the RPW Champion, Ninania had distracted Sonja, perhaps allowing Shiba to pick up the upset victory! From there, Lady Daku defeated Ryofu, Serah defeated new comer; Asuka, and Camilla defated Juri Han! The Semi-Finals would take place next Women of RPCW!

RPCW Presents Episode 8

It starts with a surprise upset caused by Soki Noric. In a match between Omen and Morris Mishima, Soki interfers and hands Omen a steel chair which is used to steal a victory from the former RPCW Champion! tag-team match between Blitz and Hellhound & Hiame of The Four, which H&H are victorious! Aiden has Beta at ringside, whom is still trying to tag with Aiden, against Black Ace in a T-2 title match, but Black Ace's undefated streak continues! Akira challanges Vinson to a steel cage match at Novellarama. Saito Sozen defeats Edward Pheonix in a one on one match up, and Takero is revealed to be the Fake Takero at ring-side and they both attack Edward for some payback. Luffy was challanged to a 3-1 handicap match by W.A.R, however Luffy surprises them and bring Amber Alliance to aid him and they score a win against W.A.R. New comer Gregg defeats Zassou whom retires afterwards. In the main event, Soki and Monster tag to defeat the Crimson Rikugan, ensuring a match next week between Hellhound & Hiame and CR for the #1 Contendership of the RP-Tag Titles!

Women of RPCW Episode 2

The night begins with a triple threat match between three of the four women whom lost in the first round of the tournament. Ryofu is victorious in this match-up! The reason Red Sonja was not in this match up was due to the fact she had challanged Ninania Shinko to a submission match for the main event. If she won, then she'd be added to the RPW Championship match at Novellarama. The women's tournament continued into the semi-finals. Shiba was defeated by Lady Daku, and Searh defeated Camilla. Thus Lady Daku and Serah were to face each other at the next RPCW Presents! At the end of the night, Ninania had managed to defeat Red Sonja in the submission match, leaving her to wait for her next #1 Contender to be named at the tournament's end.

RPCW Presents Episode 12

The last RPCW before Novellarama was eventful. It began with Omen, whom just stole the biggest victory of his career last week, against Black Ace for the T-2 Championship. There was simply no contest as Black Ace ripped through him. After Gregg defeats Azure Beta in the next match, Lady Daku had issued a challange to his sister, Hikaru. It was going to be the Machine Titan taking on the Undead Warrior, a monster vs monster match for the T-2 Championship at Novellarama! Several tag matches took place to hype other Novellarama events such as Takero taking on Edward Phoenix, Vinson's steel cage match against Akira, and Monster and Sick's T-1 Title Match. Luffy had accepted a gauntlet match, taking on three W.A.R members back to back. He managed to defeat both Vayne and Steven, but was not able to keep it up against Kazumasa. After being jumped, it was declared that Luffy would take Shinrei on once again. This time in an I Quit Match! The finals for the Women's #1 Contendership Tournament concluded with Serah winning after a hard fought match-up against Lady Daku. After another epic tag match, Hiame and Hellhound of The Four managed to finally defeat Crimson Rikugun, and be declared the #1 Contenders for the RP-Tag Titles! Finally, in the main event Demise Avalon had taken on Soki Noric. Though the owner fought hard against the RPCW Champion, he had not managed to defeat him, thus Soki did not have to vacate his title before the RPCW Special.


Male Superstars

|- </tr></tr></tr>


Superstars Notes Championships Accomplishments

Advent Death

Member of Advent

Advent Elite

Leader of Advent

Advent Winter

Member of Advent

Aiden Kurayami

 Member of Kiseki T-1 Championship(x2) (Current) T-2 Speed Championship First T-2 Speed Champion



Member of Noctis
Atlas Member of Blitz
Atticus Member of Noctis

Azure Beta

 Currently on Hiatus    

Black Ace

 Managed by Hikaru T-2 Speed Championship (x3) Had the longest Undefeated Streak in RPCW History. More T-2 Title Reigns than any other, First Multi-Time reign, as well as longest. Held a single title more times than anyone else!
Demise Avalon Founder/Owner, General Manager, and Commentator    


Member of Blitz

Edward Phoenix 



Member of Belka

Fake Takero

Created by Edward Phoenix. Fired
Fernus Member of Belka RP-Tag Championship (With Tyroll) One of the first RP-Tag Champions


Managed by Lady Daku T-2 Speed Championship(x2) (Current) Ended Black Ace's Undefeated Streak
Hellhound Member of The Four Rp-Tag Championship (With Hiame Crest)  Longest Reign of Tag-Team Championships in RPCW History
Hiame Crest Member of The Four RP-Tag Championship (With Hellhound)  Longest Reign of Tag-Team Championships in RPCW History
Horoku Shurki Member of Crimson Rikugun    


Leader of Noctis RPCW Championship


Managed by Lady Daku

Kazumasa Kiseki

Member of Kiseki (Former Member of W.A.R)


Leader of Belka


Member of W.A.R

Lord Doom

Leader of Kiseki RP-Tag Championship (Current)
Monkey D. Luffy RP Version of the the Anime Character (Former Leader of W.A.R) RPCW Championship(x2) T-2 Speed Championship (As Gladiator Lucy) First RPCW Champion. First RPCW Superstar to earn two different title belts in their career.
Monster Member of The Four (Former Member of Blitz) T-1 Championship (x2)  Longest T-1 Championship Reign in History
Morris Mishima  Currently out on Injury RPCW Championship (x2)  First Multi-Time RPCW Champion


Member of Cryptic Cult

Nouzui Avalon

Member of Knights of Avalon
Omen Former Member of Cryptic Cult, Currently Injured   
Saito Sozen  Member of Counterbalance    
Shinrei Leader of W.A.R    
Sicks Sevin Member of Blitz T-1 Championship (x2)  
Soki Noric Leader of The Four RPCW Champinionship(x2) (Current)  Longest RPCW Champion Reign in History

"King" Soska

Member of Blitz Won Tournament Arena 2014

Sousashi Kiseki

Member of Kiseki

RP-Tag Championship (Current)

Steven Member of W.A.R. Managed by Momiji    
Takero  Member of Counterbalance    

Tartys Avalon

Member of Knights of Avalon

Teen Ryu

Member of Crimson Rikugun
Tengi Huzumaki Member of Crimson Rikugun    
Tyroll Member of Belka RP-Tag Championship (with Fernus) One of the first RP-Tag Champions


Member of Advent
Vayne Hellstorm Leader of Cryptic Cult (Former Member of W.A.R.)    
Vinson Burns  Currently on Hiatus T-1 Championship (x2) First T-1 Champion. First Multi-Time Title holder(T-1 Title)
Zassou Retired    
Zegrem Member of Crimson Rikugun

Female Superstars/Managers

Superstars Notes Championships Accomplishments

Advent Myth

Member of Advent


Member of Advent


Camilla Il Bianca


Manager of Black Ace    

Juri Han



Member of Crimson Rikugun

Lady Daku

 Manager of Gregg    
Momiji Steven's Manager and Girlfriend. Member of W.A.R  

First official manager in RPCW

Ninana Shinko

  RP Women's Champion First RP Women's Champion. Longest Reign of ANY Championship in RPCW

Red Sonja







 Backstage Interviewer    



Championships and Title History(Spoilers)


RPCW Championship: Soki Noric

T-1 Championship: Aiden Kurayami

RP-Tag Champions: Kiseki (Lord Doom & Sousashi Kiseki)

T-2 Speed Championship: Gregg

RP Women's Championship: Ninana Shinko


RPCW Championship

Monkey D. Luffy (Won 20-Man Mini-Rumble, lastly Eliminating Tyroll, to become the first RPCW Champion)

Morris Mishima (Made Soki Noric submit in a a Fatal Four Way match between Monkey D. Luffy, Soki Noric, Morris Mishima, and Monster at Post-Up or Shut-Up)

Soki Noric (Formed The Four to steal the championship at No Excuses)

Morris Mishima (Defeated Soki Noric in a Last Man Standing match at Novellarama)

Monkey D. Luffy (After Morris had to vacate his title due to injury, he defeated King Soska in a one-on-one match at RPCW Presents 10 for the title)

Isnoe Noctis (After Luffy won the title against Soska, he came to the ring to challange Luffy. From there he used a single move, Hands of God to take the title from Luffy!)

Soki Noric (Defeated Monkey D. Luffy and Isnoe Noctis in Hell in a Cell at OOC Hell in a Cell)

T-1 Championship

Vinson Burns (Defeated Vayne Hellstorm one-on-one on RPCW Presents Episode 1. Becoming the first T-1 Champion)

Sicks Sevin (Pinned Takero in a Triple Threat Match at Post-Up or Shut-Up)

Vinson Burns (Won his one-on-one rematch against Sicks Sevin at RPCW Presents Episode 4)

Sicks Sevin (Won in a 2-3 Falls Match at No Excuses)

Monster (Defeated Sicks Sevin at Novellarama)

Aiden Kurayami (Defeated Monster in a Steel Cage Match at OOC Hell in a Cell)

Monster (Defeated Aiden in his rematch at RPCW Presents 13)

Aiden Kurayami (Defeated Monster in a Submission Match at RPCW Presents 15)

RP-Tag Championship

Amber Alliance(Tyroll & Fernus) (Defeated Crimson Rikugun(Tengi and Horoku) to become the first RP-Tag Champions)

The Four (Hellhound & Hiame Crest) (Defeated Amber Alliance at Novellarama in the first ever Tag-Team Ladder Match)

Kiseki (Lord Doom & Sousashi Kiseki) (Defeated H&H of The Four at RPCW Presents 15)

T-2 Speed Championship

Aiden Kurayami (Won a one-on-one match against Omen at RPCW Presents Episode 4 to become the first T-2 Champion!)

Black Ace (Defeated Aiden during RPCW Presents 6)

Gregg (Ended Black Ace's undefeated streak at Novellarama!)

Black Ace (Defeated Gregg in the rematch against Gregg with no mangers at eithers ring-side at Tournament Arena)

Gladiator Lucy(Monkey D. Luffy) (Defeated Black Ace in his "premiere" match at RPCW Presents 11)

Black Ace (Defeated Luffy/Lucy at his rematch at RPCW Presents 12)

Gregg (Defeated Black Ace and Monkey D. Luffy in a Triple Threat Match at RPCW Presents 14)

RP Women's Championship

Ninana Shinko (Won a 6-Woman Battle Royale, lastly eliminating Red Sonja, to become the first RP Women's Champion)

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