Real Athletic Wrestling
Acronym RAW
Established 2010
Based Hamilton,Ontario
Active Starts Early Summer 2010
Style Original CAWs
GM Mickie James

DeeJay Michaels

Tiana Song

Real Athletic Wrestling (RAW) is an upcoming Canadian CAW, based in Hamilton. The show's focus is entertainment and fun that the whole family can watch. Episode will start early to mid-summer, with bi-monthly click-per-views. The episodes will be established and posted on the FamousAndFlawless youtube Channel owned by Tiana Song, the co-owner of RAW herself. She confirmed on her youtube, owner and commentor DeeJay Michaels would be helping hire (create), and publish the videos, with equipment that is still being purchased. She also confirmed there would be bi-weekly matches uploaded only on the official website, which is still in constuction. She also confirmed on the official youtube page that there was 18 Male superstars, along with 12 Female wrestlers called "Divas". On the Real Athletic Wrestling press event on Blogtv, they confirmed the names of some Superstars and Divas, and the official Debut Date, July 5th 2010 only on the FamousandFlawless youtube channel. They also said Primo and Carlito would be the only non-CAW wrestlers appearing on the show, as well as General Manager, Mickie James. They also confirmed the game would be run with WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2010.

Confirmed Roster

Name [1] Finisher Name [2] Notes [3]
Thunder Wilson Thunder Stuck (Tiger Bomb) Boyfriend of Melissa Hero

Toshi Karrai

Japan Legion (Kick Combination)

Brother of Kioko

Omega Black Physco Driver (Sitout Chokeslam), N/A

Falling Star (Diving Press)

El Chuppabacre Mexi-KO (Inverted Foot Stomp) N/A

Jackson Wild Call of the Wild (Brainbuster) N/A

Angel Angel's Wings (Swinging Suplex), N/A

Fall from Heaven (Diving Thez Press)

Melissa Hero Hurricanrana Valet/Girlfriend of Thunder


Kioko Dragon Sleeper Sister of Toshi Karrai

Natasha Natural Natural Attraction (Knee followed by N/A


Melanie Diva-Stated (Accordian Rack Called the "Anti-Diva"


Confirmed Tag Teams

Name [4] Finisher Name [5] Notes [6]

United Kingdom


From London with Love (Reverse Atomic Drop followed by a Big Boot)

Jay Onyx and Cal Stelvin

Carlito and Primo Springboard Dropkick /STO

Former and Current WWE Superstars

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