Reali T
Reali T
Names Reali T
Height 6'9
Weight 302 lbs
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Billed from Nesquhonig, Pensylvania
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Debut 2nd March 2008
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Reali T is a professional CAW wrestler, he is currently works for MCW and is the current MCW International Champion.

XWF (2008)


Reali T made some appearences on XWF attacking smaller superstars after matches. He made his debut against Esselos. He won that match within 2 minutes. 

Feud with Menzo

Reali T would then set his eyes on Menzo and the XWF Championship Reali T would attack Menzo after Menzo's match with The Mash injuring him for 3 weeks. Menzo would get revenge by attacking Reali T during a No Disqisqualification match with Adrian Tome causing Reali T's first defeat in XWF. Reali T would beat The Mash to win a title shot at The XWF Championship at Thrive to Survive agains Menzo. Menzo would win by Disqualification. Reali T would face Menzo for the XWF Championship where the loser would get drafted to MCW. Reali T lost and was injured for 3 weeks.

MCW (2008-Present)

MCW Debut (2008-2009)

Reali T returned on December 14th 2008 dressed as Santa Claus and attacked Alan Jiriach, ending his career. Reali T would be involved in low ranked matches. Reali T would injure Matt Jones in July 2009.

Feud with Gigantez (2009)

Reali T would fight Gigantez in October 2009 and win the match with help from K8. Reali T would then fight Gigantez at Bombfire Brawl 2009 which ended in a double disqualification after Collosus got involved in the match. Reali T would then fight in December in the Monster Mash Battle Royal and finished 3rd. Reali T lost to Gigantez at Christmas Chaos 2009 where if anyone gets involved they will be fired.

International Championship Challenge (2010)

Reali-T made his Mega-Event Return after 8 months out and defeated Ray Kilik for the International Championship in a Last Chance match after hitting 3 Taste Of Realities in the match. Reali-T made a special Appearance at Last Man Standing, when he game a Taste of Reality to Chris Grangefield, Jase Lennon and Christian Tyson. He lost the championship a month later in a 4 man battle royal against the same 3 men. The title was won by Chris Grangefield. Reali T entered the 2011 Rumble Match at #18 and was eliminated by TCS.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves

Taste Of Reality

The Real Thing (2008)

Xtreme Reality (2008)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 1-time MCW International Champion

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