Reckless in WWE'12
Billing information
Ring Names Reckless
Height 5'8"
Weight 213 Pounds
Born 1982 (Age: 33)
Hometown Lexington - Fayette, Kentucky
Resides Lexington - Fayette, Kentucky
Billed From Lexington - Fayette, Kentucky
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Trainer(s) undisclosed
Styles Hardcore, Brawler
Professional career
Debut 2010
Retired Still Active

Reckless is an FSCW original. Being one of the toughest and resilient competitors in FSCW, Reckless has conjured several high profile victories and a cult following. Despite his brash and violent nature, Reckless has earned himself fans and adoration. He’s known for his foul mouth and hardcore style in addition to giving authority the middle finger.

Road to Full Force

Reckless was incredibly upset with the news that he would be stripped of his Lightweight championship when FSCW was to air on YouTube and has not been silent about it. Part of the YouTube deal with FSCW was to put the Lightweight title to rest and create a more “original” title and then was born the Top Flight championship. As a way to pacify Reckless, unlike the other titles, the Top Flight championship was not put up for grabs in a tournament but instead in a single one-on-one contest. The downside was Reckelss’ opponent was been kept secret. Enraged by the mystery, Reckless took it upon himself to gain the attention of FSCW management so that his opponent’s identity could be uncovered. On episode 2 of Ferocity, Reckless pounced on John the cleaning guy in the backstage area and delivered a Skull Fucker on concrete. John hasn’t been the same since. The company has compensated John the cleaning guy by paying for his hospital expenses but has not given Reckless the information he wanted.

Reckless then went on to attack bell ringer Tony Clark the following episode. On episode three Reckless sunk to a new low when he brought a young girl by the name of Emelie to the ring with intent to harm her. Reckless, after finding out that Emelie had family that worked for FSCW, used the young girl as a way to persuade management to give up information. Fortunately “Superstar” Kevin Tate came to the aid of the young girl and revealing himself to be Reckless’ opponent at Full Force.

Reckless was unable to capture the Top Flight championship at Full Force as he was defeated by Kevin Tate. Tate landed the Starburst on Reckless after ramming his head into a chair that Reckless wedged between two turnbuckles.

Move List

  • Finisher

Skull Fucker - Vertical Suplex Driver

  • Signatures

Top Rope Body Splash

Entrance Theme

No Regrets - Dope

Championship History

Reckless strongly insists that his title reign as FSCW's now defunct Light Weight championship be mentioned as one of his achievements despite the fact FSCW , as part of their new YouTube deal, refreshed it's history coming off of the independent era.

  • FSCW Light Weight Champion (1x)


Reckless was the longest reigning and last Light Weight Champion of the independent era.

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