Richard Heartless
Names Richard Hartless
Height 6 ft 1 (1.85 m)
Weight 240 lbs.(130 kg)
Born 2nd of the 8 1988
Birthplace Blackpool Lancashire England
Died None
Resides Blackpool Lancashire England
Billed from Brooklyn New York
Trained by Iconick Wrestling Factory
Debut August, 2007

Richard (Aug 2,1988) better known by his ring name Richard Heartless., is an British professional CAW wrestler. Richard is perhaps best known for his appearances with Scott English - English Championship Wrestling and He is currently wrestling for English Championship Wrestling and is hopeing to find more wrestling federations.

Bio on Richard Heartless

His family struggled to make ends meet as a result of low-paying jobs and periods of unemployment, and his father supplemented the family income by selling marijuana. By the time he left school at the age of sixteen, Heartless was determined to become a professional wrestler He joined a talent agency named Just Productions and became an opening act in a wrestling show , Heartless became a drug dealer and became a regular bouncer for clubs , He spent a year dealing drugs and bouncering for clubs , earning enough in the process to pay for wrestling training, however, was arrested after sombody tipped-off the police about him dealing drugs and about him leaving two people badly injured in a fight Heartless spent 15 months in jail and became determined to stop dealing drugs and bouncering for clubs to obtain a legitimate job in his life. Richard was released from prison and met John "Bradshaw" Wydell in a half way stop that told Richard to join The Ironick Wrestling School and he was at the school in 2005. He then he spent year traveling and training with John "Bradshaw" Wydell . Despite rumors that Richard trained first under Michael McManus, he actually was originally trained and learned to wrestle under John "Bradshaw" Wydell. at Bradshaw Ironick Wrestling School in Sweetwater, Texas and debuted in Blackpool Lancashire,England based English Championship Wrestling in 2007 as Scott Orton, a variation of his two favorite wrestlers Randy Orton and Scott Steiner And on April 26, 2007 While wrestling at a ECW house show in San Juan, Puerto Rico Heartless suffered an injury to the back after being body drop off a ladder in the carpark and smashed his lower back on the floor causing him to herniate two discs and crush one completely. This forced Richard into retirement after losing the ECW Championship to J.Nash at WrestleinFest 1. He returned to the ring on August 2, 2008 in North Carolina for the Killer Championship Wrestling a independent promotion and then begain touring around the independent promotions across the USA&England. Richard then returned to ECW in 2008 and announced he would be signing a three year contract with English Championship Wrestling, and then made his return to ECW as a face at the 2009 British Survivor Series in London England on Feb 17. He allso said he considring join the Mixed Marial Art this year.

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