Ron Jackpot
Names Ron Jackpot
Height 6 ft. 3in.
Weight 234 lbs.
Born August 21st 1981
Birthplace Danville, Illinois
Died July 7th 2006
Resides Madison, Wisconsin
Billed from
Trained by
Debut 2005
Retired 2006

Brother of Danny Jackpot and former ECF superstar. (August 21st 1981 - July 7th 2006)


Ron Jackpot was shortly in ECF wrestling a total of five matches in 4 months. He mostly was around to help his brother Danny Jackpot and led Danny to his 2nd world title run in ECF. Shortly after this, Ron,Danny and the ECF owner came up with a storyline were Ron would turn on Danny. This unfortunately never got to happen as Ron was sent to Iraq and requested a release.

Iraq War

In 2006, Ron was sent over to the Iraq War, he retired from CAW that same day.


Ron was initially set to return on July 22nd 2006, unfortunately a bombing took place which took Rons life. He died a true American hero. Ron is survived by his wife Hailey and 13 month old son Ronald.

A night of Tribute

Ron Jackpot was the main set for the 2nd to last show(Last televised) in ECF's history. Everyone wore shirts that had the initials RN on it with an American flag on the back of the shirt. This night Danny Jackpot towed the bell ten times in the ring and showed the last clip of Rons life that was sent from Iraq.


Danny Jackpot
Zach Starr


Space Walk - Top Rope Leg drop
Take a seat - Fameasser

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