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Ronald McDonald
Ronald mcdonald jumping1
Names Ronald McDonald
Height 6'4
Weight 240 lbs
Resides Local McDonald restaurants
Billed from
Trained by
Debut 2007

Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. He is a current superstar in Story Mode Federation and the Noob Wrestling League. He is a former SMF Champion.

Story Mode FederationEdit

SMF Internet Debut; Feuding with Burger King and The FFO (2007)Edit

In Ronald McDonald's SMF debut, he began a rivalry with Burger King due to Burger King being the mascot to McDonald's rival fast food restaurant. At the 2007 CPV, The Great American Clash, Ronald faced Burger King with Jared Fogle as a gust referee. During the match. as Ronald was going to pin Burger King for the 3-count, Jared hesitated, stopped the count, and left the ring. As

Jared was walking up the ramp, Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) founder, Colonel Sanders, appeared and attacked Jared. Sanders ran to the ring after Ronald was distracted by the scene and was given "The Whopper" by Burger King. Sanders substituted as the guest referee and counted the 3-count quickly to give Burger King the win. After the match, Sanders and Burger King announced that he and Burger King formed a new alliance named the Fast Food Order ( referred simply as the FFO ).

Noob Wrestling League (2014 - Present)Edit

Ronald McDonald made his debut in the NWL on April 9th in a NWL Championship Tournament Match against Pennywise. He would go on to lose the match. On the April 30th episode of the NWL he would be The Doctor. He would be involved in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Money in the Bank qualifying match on May 14th. He would eliminate Rey Mysterio but be eliminated in the end by the winner, The Devil. The following week he would lose to Randy Orton. At NWL Summerslam he would face off against the Money in the Bank contract holder Vincent Andolini but would end up losing the match. He would continue to lose matches against Sting and Carnage the follow month. McDonald would be involved in multiple tag team matches leading to the Royal Rumble. McDonald would enter the Royal Rumble at #4 but would be eliminate #3 by Batista. The following Wednesday he would hand Agent Smith his first loss in the NWL. At NWL Night of Champions Agent Smith would beat McDonald. They continued to fight each other in the weeks leading up to NWL Wrestlemania. At the CPV McDonald finally got some retribution and beat Agent Smith.

In Wrestling Edit

Finishers and Signature MovesEdit

  • McSlam (Olympic Slam)
  • Burger Smash (Pedigree)(DWE)
  • McKick (Brogue Kick)

Championships and Other Accomplishments Edit

Entrance Music Edit

Ronald McDonald and Austinberg

Ronald Mcdonald (left) in a match against Austinberg (right).

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