MWE has a roster of wrestlers of faces and heels. These wrestlers were made in three games WWE'13 in 2012, WWE 2K14 in 2013 and 2014, and now WWE 2K15.


  1. Daniel Killzone- MWE Champion, Royal Rumble winner 18. Savage
  2. Marz Killzone 19. Turbo
  3. Loose Cannon 20. Daniel Fox
  4. El Navajo- MWE Tag Team Champion 21. Ben Hazel
  5. Tiger Ted- MWE Tag Team Champion 22. Ryan Mysterio
  6. Omega II- International Champion 23. The Hardcore Icon
  7. Zack Phantom 24. Carlos Mysterio
  8. Cody Hawkins 25. Zeus Jr.
  9. Zack Hawkins 26. Legend Kobayashi
  10. Blade 27. Samurai Matsumoto
  11. Professor Purple- Mr. Money In the Bank winner 28. NyteBlade
  12. Malcolm Green 29. Xander Ramirez
  13. Carl "The Clubber" Johnson 30. Zodiac Bowen
  14. Connor O' Brien 31. Sergio Yamashita
  15. Rory Chimera 32. Satoru Savage
  16. Smasher. 33. Robert Snake
  17. Shingo. 34. Luigi

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