Known by is nickname, "The Technical Assassyn", Ry Daniels(July 14, 1999) mixes his technical abilty with is brawling style, to be the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Pro-Wrestler".

Finishers and Signatures


  • Out for Life - Fisherman Driver
  • Out for Life 2.0 - Arm Clutch Fisherman Driver
  • Cyclone Kill - Discus Big Boot (Used has a Chris Hero tribute)
  • No EWO - Headscissors Crucifix Choke
  • God is Dead - Pumphandle Tombstone Piledriver (Rare)

-Signatures moves:

  • Calf Kick
  • Dropick
  • Busaiku Knee
  • Michinoku Driver
  • Suplex Varitaions - German; Dragon; Tiger; Half & Half; Belly to Belly;...
  • Japanese Arm Drag
  • Super Kick
  • Body Avalanche - While the opponent is stunned against the ropes
  • (Discus) Forearm Smash
  • Chops Variations
  • Meteora - Sometimes from the top rope
  • Sit-Out Piledriver
  • K.O.I(Kick Out Impossible) Combo - Chops, forearms and kicks, followed by a discus Chop
  • Suicide Dive
  • Suicide Senton
  • Diving Foot Stomp
  • Diving Elbow Drop
  • Avalanche Sunset Flip Piledriver

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