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Ryan Sparxx is a caw wrestler currently signed with several caw leagues.Ryan is also the brother of current MPWF Smackdown Superstar and been called by many as "The Future of the MPWF" Tony Sparxx. He is a one time CAW World Champion. And one time CAW Tag Champion.

Early Life

Ryan Sparxx's was born in 1990 and what Sparxx didin't know was where his life would go after he was born.As Sparxx grew Ryan's big brother Tony would eventually help him Tony was just starting to wanting to get into CAW wrestling.Tony would eventually make it into the Major Pain Wrestling Federation and team with "Superstar" Craig David to form the tag team "Superstardom" Ryan would sit at home and usally watch MPWF and watched his brother become MPWF Tag Team Champions with Craig David at that moment Ryan began training to become a wrestler at 18 Years of Age.

Training to become a wrestler (2009-mid 2010)

Ryan would enter training and was a stand out prospect.Ryan would then finally see his brother Tony Sparxx during a training session that he had by 2 mentors that he never thought he would see again till his signing.Tony pushed Ryan during that brief time Ryan would then train for a few more months till mid-septemember.

TNA (Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling CAW Show 2010-Present)

Ryan Sparxx would eventually get signed by AJRules's TNA on Youtube Show and was put on the TNA Impact Roster who had just come of their biggest CPV TNA Bound For Glory.On October 11th 2010 Ryan Sparxx made his offical debut in the world of CAW Wrestling.Sparxx came out in a near same attire as his brother to pay tribute to the man who had gotten Ryan interested in CAW Wrestling.Sparxx faced former X Divison Champion Jay Lethal.Lethal was looking to get back on track after losing the X Divison Title to newly made nWo member Sam at Bound For Glory in a Ladder Match.How-ever Ryan had no intentions of having his first match in TNA and his first overall match in caw wrestling to be spoiled.Ryan would take the fight to Lethal and showed a diffrent style then his brother wtih a uniqe high-flyer like style unlike his brother and Ryan would finsh Lethal off wih a huge Super-Kick getting a 1 2 3 and shocking the fans by pulling out the upset and also earned a nick-name by Tazz being named "The Future of The X Divison".On TNA Impact episode 10 Syxx-Pac was scheudled to face a mystery member of the wolfpack the mystery member was revealed to be Ryan Sparxx.Sparxx would be very impressive in his first night in the wolfpack he would make a strong first impression in the wolfpack by super-kicking Eric Bischoff and then Superkicking Syxx-Pac 3 4 or 5 times before getting the win but it was revealed Sparxx was not the 3rd man for the 6-Man Tag Match at Turning Point when the wolfpack faces the nWo.On Impact Ep 11 Ryan didin't compete but did make an impact.After Sam defeated Jay Lethal in a non-title match Sparxx attacked Sam with a chair and gave Sam 2 Superkicks to the jaw.On XCW Episode 4 Ryan Sparxx entered hell's nest after superkicking Paul Heyman twice.Heyman would payback Sparxx by booking Sparxx in a Xtreme Rules against Sandman.Sparxx would lose his first match since coming to Youtube but looked good.In the end though Sparxx was taken out on a stretcher but is still cleared to complete at Turning Point in the 4-Way X Divison match for the X Divison Championship with Sparxx facing Jay Lethal Syxx-Pac and current X Divison Champion Sam.At Turning Point Ryan Sparxx won his first ever CAW Championship by pinning Syxx-Pac in the 4-Way X Divison Match to win the TNA X Divison Championship.Later in the night he challanged Super Styles to a match on the next ep of Impact with Sparxx even wanting to defend the X Divison Championship Super Styles has accepted the challange and it has been confirmed it will be a TLC match.On Impact Episode 12 Ryan defended his newly won X Divison Championship against XCW high-flyer in a TLC match.Sparxx and SS went to war SS came very close to taking the title from Sparxx.Sparxx how-ever did a smart thing after kicking out one of Super Styles's legs he climbed the ladder and retained the championship in a razor's edge style finsh.On XCW Impact Episode 5 Ryan Sparxx and AJ Styles said that the Wolfpack was better then legendary TNA tag teams.They made a challange to Team 3D for the XCW World Tag Team Championships in 3D's type of match a Tables match 3D accepted.Sparxx in the tables match would change his style from high-flying to more of a solid technical wrestler.Sparxx would win his first ever CAW Tag Title after he and AJ Styles put 3D through a table to capture the XCW Tag Titles and making sparxx a double champion.

Post TNA on YT career (Present)

After TNA on YT closed Ryan Sparxx began searching for new caw shows to join.During his time off Ryan Sparxx would marry Melina in Puerto Rico after a 2 year relationship starting in 2008.Ryan would make a one night appearence in the MPWF Royal Rumble lasting 2 mintues.He would then join Completly Athletic Wrestling were his wife Melina had signed and they have become sucesses with Melina capturing the diva's championship and Ryan capturing his 2nd Tag Team Championship in CAW by teaming up with "The Punisher" Frank Castle and winning the titles in a Hell in a Cell match at CAW's CPV called Condemened Violence.Sparxx would then enter the MPWF CAW Contest were he would finsh 3rd behind B.O.B and the winner Cane Nite.Ryan's MPWF tenure was not done as he would get signed to the MPWF WAR brand and on WAR Ep 2 he and his brother Tony Sparxx annouced that they had become The Super Sparxx Brothers. Ever since Ryan and Tony have become fixtures in teh divison.After losing to the goth click soceity on WAR Episode 3. Ryan and Tony engaged in a feud with Victor and Dre Dragon aka the californa dragons. During this Ryan and Tony turned heel. At MPWF TLC The Super Sparxx Brothers defeated the calfirona dragons in a tag team chairs match. Now after taking care of the draogns. Ryan and Tony are now entering another feud with the MPWF War Tag Team Champions. Which is ironcilly the team Ryan/Tony debuted against. The Goth Click Society.Ryan Sparxx recently competed against Dagger but failed to win after getting intentonally DQe'd.This would lead to MPWF annoucing Super Sparx Bros vs GCS at MPWF Starrcade for the tag titles. In completely athletic wrestling after Sparxx&Melina's relationship of being married had ended (long story). Sparxx&Castle lost the tag titles after Castle turned on Sparxx. Sparxx would then have surgery on his wrist. Sparxx returned and a month after his return Ryan Sparxx won the completly athletic wrestling WHC.Sparxx&Melina maintained there firendship. Sparxx would defend the title the following ep against former CCW US Champ and ringmaster winner Rapheal. Sparxx would win after hitting a Skull Curshing Finale. Sparxx then reignited a feud with Castle. Sparxx would then defend the title at CAW Major Glory.Ryan faced Jones Castle and Mark Brandle in a fatla 4 way elimination match. Sparxx retained the world title and his next title defense is confirmed on Ep 29 of CAW Slamdown against MVP who is having his final CAW match. In the MPWF Sparxx would score his first pinfall win over Shift in a 6-man tag match. He&Tony lost the tag title match at Starrcade. SSB won round 1 of a tag team series only to lose in the finals to Lethal Mathematics.

iMPACT WRESTLING On Youtube (2011-present)

When TNA iMPACT CAW owner AJRUELS stopped making TNA iMPACT, he took around 7 or 8 month break, returned' but as iMPACT WRESTLING rather than TNA iMPACT and they kicked things off ' with the CPV Slammiversary, and as Ryan Sparxx was one of the hottest CAWs in the old TNA he would have been certain to return to the newer iMPACT WRESTLING. He did at Slammiversary making a shocking return, after a brutal tables match between the two brothers Devon and the Bully Ray, Bully Ray was talking trash over how he destroyed Devon, and in the end Ryan Sparxx couldn't take it anymore and stepped up to the plate, he jumped Bully Ray from behind and sent a message that he wasn't messing around, and that he meant buisness. On the firdt edition of the new and revamped iMPACT WRESTLING, Ryan Sparxx faced brand new X Division champion Jonny Thunder, this match was an adrenaling rush until Thunder managed to pull off the victory. Post match Bully Ray came down and together him and Thunder left Ryan Sparxx a bloody mess. Ep 2 of iMPACT WRESTLING saw Ryan Sparxx and Jonny Thunder meet yet again but in the main event, Sparxx was teaming with Sam and Thunder was teaming with Bully Ray, another close match until a Thunder Strike from Thunder to Sparxx outside on the concrete floor leaft Sparxx out for Bully Ray and Thunder to eliminate Sam. On ep 3 Bully Ray's attempts to eliminate Ryan Sparxx after eliminating Sam finalised as he powerbombed Ryan Sparxx off the stage to the floor below, leaving Sparxx out of action and to have to recover for his Last Man Standing Match against Bully Ray at the Destination X cpv. Destination X, Ryan Sparxx some how made it back and looked to be fully recovered however he wasn't yet masked it well enough to have a 17 min brawl against bully Ray then managing to somehow walk away with the win, but walking away with a couple of injuries as well, bruised ribs left him unable to show up for ep 5 of iMPACT WRESTLING, ep 6 of iMPACT WRESTLING however he was back and ready to compete and he did, but not against someone the level of Bully Ray but the newest caw wrestler on the iMPACT WRESTLING roster, winner of the Desitnation X contract gauntlet Devin Miles, a close faught match between these two ended in a no contest as once again Bully Ray would intervene, taking Ryan Sparxx down with a huge spear. Bully Ray said that he would destroy Ryan Sparxx. And on ep 7 of iMPACT WRESTLING Ryan Sparxx will face Bully Ray in a nodq one on one match and the winner will be eligable to pick the stipulations for their final match at Hard Justice

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