Warrior's Way is a joint promotion event featuring all brands under the Spartan Allianc3 Network. The event

One of the original Warrior's Way logo designs.

features a one match card and is always taken place inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The Warrior's Way Ladder Match gives all participants an opportunity to win a contract for any championship inside the SA3N. The winner can hold the contract as long as they please until the next Warrior's Way event is held. The contract can also be put into use anytime, anyplace, anywhere, as long as there's a referee in-sight, ready to call the match.

Erikson X was the first ever winner of a Warrior's Way, held in the Spring of 2015.



The first ever Warrior's Way match took place on April 27th, 2015. It featured at least one member from the SAW, iWU, and UEW promotions in this match. The winner, Erikson X, would unsuccessfully try to cash in his contract during the main event of the iWU Reprisal CPV. He got a second chance and cashed in on Matsumoto at On The Net. Erikson X would win the Rising Stars Championship.

Prize Winner Competitor(s) Time
SA3N Championship Contract Erikson X Brent Sevyn, Erikson X, Matsumoto, Kevin Ryan, Junior Giovanni, Kevin Bane, Delsin Rowe, and Scott Taylor 13:10
  • First ever Warrior's Way Ladder Match
  • Held the contract for 75 days
  • Cashed in on Matsumoto at SAW On The Net

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