SAW Bash is a pay per view which is used by Supreme Action (Pro) Wrestling.

Air Date: 2008


World Championship

CPL Wilczynski vs Thunder Lang

X-Division Championship

FFA (Free For All)

Bruiser Bencia Vs Suplex Salleza Vs Shogun Yanai

World Tag Team Championship

Benny And Lenny Vs The 3 Live Kru (Suplex Salleza And Devil Child)

International Championship

Devil Child Vs Giant Guppy

Cruiserweight Championship Tournament 1 Round Winning Two Face Off Losing Two No.1 Contenders Match

Bruiser Bencia Vs Dark Hado Vs Hannah Layla Vs Furious Frye

Bruiser Bencia Vs Hannah Layla and Dark Hado Vs Furious Frye


Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Hannah Layla def. Bruiser Bencia

Furious Frye def. Dark Hado

New Cruiserweight Champion

Hannah Layla def. Furious Frye

Giant Guppy def. Devil Child To Become NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION

The Three Live Kru def. Benny and Lenny via DQ Titles dont change hands rematch made DQ Winners Tag Champs

The Three Live Kru def. Benny And Lenny Nodq match NEW Tag Champs

FFA Match

Suplex Salleza def. Shogun Yanai and Bruiser Bencia (Originally Bruiser Bencia Won The Match But SAW Officers Didnt See Bencia X Division Style More High Flyer. NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION

Main Event

CPL Wilczynski def. Thunder Lang to retain the World Championship

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