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SCAW: Superstars of CAW is an online YouTube CAW Fed created and run by Lonestarr022. It made it's debut on June 29, 2007.

How SCAW Got Its Start

SCAW was created by Lonestarr022 in 2007. The creator had been influenced by already existing CAW Leagues, such as NoDQ CAW, SMF, ACWL, and others, and was inspired to create his own league. Using The Playstation 2 Game WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006, Lonestarr022 gathered a collection of CAWs and formed a 32 Man Tournament that would be know as The SCAW Tournament. The first match took place on June 29, 2007 with Guile defeating Ryu Hayabusa. The Tournament ended at SCAW's first Mega Event, Blood, Sweat & Tears, with Spider-Man defeating M. Bison in the Final match to become the first SCAW Champion. SCAW is currently one of the top recognized active CAW leagues on youtube today.

The Superstars of SCAW

Male Superstars

Name Finisher Name Notes Championship history Accomplishments
Abraham Lincoln All American Leg Drop SCAW President, stripped of power. First Two Time SCAW President
Anakin Chokeslam of the Sith, Death Star Driver formerly Darth Vader 2x Tag Team champion (with M. Bison and Harry Potter),
Batman Bat Breaker, Rock Bottom Buried alive by Hellboy Zero-One champion, SCAW champion, Tag Team champion (with The Joker), Internet champion First Grand Slam champion
Captain America American Slam, All American Splash 4x Tag Team champion (with Guile) 2008 Mr. Money in the Bank, 2008 Match of Destiny winner, Former SCAW General Manager
Captain Marvel Marvelosity, Shazam Splash, Thunderstruck SCAW forums "Choose the Superstar" game winner
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Kick, Roundhouse Kick SCAW Commissioner
Dante Execution
David Beckham Spot Kick, Bend It Like Beckham Tag Team champion (with Kobe Bryant)
Dr. Doom Doctor Bomb, Doomsday-plex Leader Of Project Doomsday 2x Internet champion
Edward Elric Sudden Alchemy, Sole Binding Member of Animation Evolution Zero-One champion, Tag Team champion (with Ichigo Kurosaki)
Ghost Rider Ghost Ride, Hellfire Lock 2x Internet champion, SCAW champion 2011 Mr. Money in the Bank
The Gladiator Maximus Decimator 2x Zero-One champion, 4x Tag Team champion (with Optimus Prime) 2011 Match of Destiny winner
Green Lantern Green Light, Crossbody 2x Zero-One champion, 2x Tag Team champion (with Robin and Superman), Internet Champion, 2x SCAW champion 2010 Mr. Money in the Bank, Grand Slam Champion
Guile Super Sonic Boom, Top Rope Sonic Boom, American Slam 2x SCAW champion, 4x Tag Team champion (with Captain America)
He-Man He-Manator, The Power of Greyskull 2x Internet champion
Hellboy Doomstone, Slam To Hell Internet champion
Homer Simpson Simpson Stunner, Springfield Splash Internet champion, 2x SCAW champion 2008 SCAW tournament winner
Ichigo Kurosaki Soul Reaper, Shinigami Death Drop, Reverse Bankai Leader of Animation Evolution 3x Internet champion, 3x SCAW champion, Tag Team champion (with Edward Elric) First Internet champion, 2009 Mr. Money in the Bank.
Inuyasha Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Full Fledged Demon Bomb 2x SCAW champion 2009 SCAW tournament winner
Iron Man Steamroller, Iron Curtain 3x Internet champion, SCAW champion
Ivan Drago Drago Punch, Drago Sleeper
Jack Sparrow Walk The Plank, Pirate's Plunge 2x Tag Team champion (with Michael Myers and The Joker)
James T. Kirk Shooting Starship Press
Jay Fame-Asser 2x Tag Team champion (with Silent Bob) First Tag Team champion
Jean-Luc Picard The Engage
The Joker Why So Serious?, Let's Put a Smile on That Face 3x Zero-One champion, Internet champion, 2x Tag Team champion (with Batman and Jack Sparrow)
Kazuma Kuwabara Kuwabara Drop, Kuwabara Grab Member of Animation Evolution 2x Tag Team champion (with Yusuke Urameshi)
Kobe Bryant Kobe Kick, Game Winner Tag Team champion (with David Beckham)
Leatherface Slice & Dice
LeBron James LeBron Elbow, LeBron Jam Hosts the LeBron James Highlight Reel Tag Team Champion (With Shaquille O'Neal)
Max Payne Payne Killer, Maximum Payne
M. Bison Jackhammer, Corkscrew Moonsault Tag Team champion (with Darth Vader)
Mick Thomson 7 Degrees of Pain, Black Hole Slam
Mr. Clean Cleaning Press, Clean Cut 2x Zero-One champion
Nacho Nacho Supreme, Destructo Mehicano
Optimus Prime Prime Splash, Prime Line, Transform Slam Member Of Project Doomsday 2x Internet champion, 4x Tag Team champion (with Gladiator)
Piccolo Power-Leveller
The Prince of Persia Greetings From Persia, Persian Side Kick 2x Zero-One champion
Robin Titan's Tower, Crossface Zero-One champion, Tag Team champion (with Green Lantern), SCAW champion 2010 Match of Destiny winner
Ryu Hayabusa Hayabusa Axe Kick, Super Ninja Gaiden 2x Zero-One champion First Zero-One champion
Santa Claus Jingle Bell Drop, Down The Chimney SCAW champion, Internet champion
Shaquille O' Neal Shaqknife Tag team champion (with LeBron James)
Silent Bob Silencer 2x Tag Team champion (with Jay)  First Tag Team champion
Spider-Man Five Star Spider Splash, Spidey Sense 4x SCAW champion 2007 and 2010 SCAW tournament winner, First SCAW champion
Spock Logical Manouvere
Sub-Zero Cold Shoulder, Killswitch
Superman S-5, Kryptonian Deathlock, Speeding Bullet, 3 Suns of Krypton 2x SCAW champion, Tag Team champion (with Green Lantern) 2009 Match of Destiny winner
Venom Venomous Street Cutter, Five Star Symbiote Splash
War Machine Spinning Power Bomb, Mortar Slam
The White Ranger Tiger Powerbomb, Tigersault Member of Project Doomsday 2x Zero-One champion
Yusuke Urameshi Yusuke Uranage, Hagakure Member of Animation Evolution 2x Tag Team champion (with Kuwabara)
Zod Kneel Before Zod Inactive due to injury

Female Superstars

Name Finisher Name Notes Championship history Accomplishments
Amy Lee Breathe No More
Ashley Graham
Avril Lavigne Twist Of Hate Former SCAW Interviewer
Candy Cane
Danica Patrick
Lara Croft

SCAW Alumni

Name Finisher Name Notes Championship history Accomplishments
Bart Simpson Bart KO Tag Team champion (with Milhouse)
Ben Affleck Razor's Edge
Billy Madison Wheelbarrow DDT, The Worm Sent to Hell by Hellboy
Burger King The Whopper
Colossus Colossal Bomb
Cyclops Pedigree, Mutant Side Slam Tag Team champion (with Wolverine)
Dennis Rodman Bad As I Wanna Be Book-End
Eddy Gordo Gordo Kick
The Flash Flash Drive
Freakazoid Freakin' Stunner, Freak Out Elbow Tag Team champion (with The Thing)
Gene Simmons Rock & Roll All Night, Love Gun Interviewer
George W. Bush Presidential Slam, Ankle Lock Former SCAW president
Harry Potter Magical Splash, Levitation Device Sent to Hell by Hellboy 2x Internet champion, Tag team champion (with Anakin)
The Hulk Big Green Power Bomb, Big Green Power Slam
Ice Cube Ice Crusher
Jimmy King King Krusher
Johnny Cage Shadow Kick
Krusty the Clown Krusty Crab
The Lord and Savior The Light Within Leader of The Holy Straight Edge Society, Sent to Hell by Hellboy
Michael Jordan Air Jordan
Michael Myers Ten Thirty-One Sent to Hell by Hellboy Tag Team champion (with Jack Sparrow)
Milhouse Sweet Chin Milhouse Tag Team champion (with Bart Simpson)
Mr. T Mr. T-Bone Suplex Hosted "Talkin' Tough"
Rhino Gore, Dominator
Robocop Top Rope Spear
Sandman Five Knuckle Shuffle
The Thing It's Clobberin' Time Tag Team champion (with Freakazoid)
Thor Mjolnir
Two-Face Two-Face Crusher
Vin Diesel Diesel Bomb
Wolverine Air Wolverine Tag Team champion (with Cyclops)

Current Champions

Triple Crown Champions

For an SCAW Superstar to become a Triple Crown Champion they need to have had an SCAW Championship reign, an SCAW Internet Championship reign and a SCAW Tag Team Championship reign. SCAW Zero-One Championship reigns don't count because Triple Crown championship involves a world championship (SCAW Title), Second-Tier Championship (Internet title) and tag team championship.

When a championship and date is underlined and is in bold, it shows the title they won and the they date they won it to become a Triple Crown Champion. 

List of Triple Crown Champions:


  • SCAW Championship: 7/2/08
  • Tag Team Championship: 29/8/08 with Joker
  • Internet Championship: 25/11/09

Green Lantern:

  • SCAW Championship: 29/6/10
  • Tag Team Championship: 19/11/08 with Robin
  • Internet Championship: 9/5/10

Ichigo Kurosaki:

  • SCAW Championship: 2/27/09
  • Tag Team Championship: 5/5/11 with Edward Elric
  • Internet Championship: 8/22/07

Grand Slam Champions

For an SCAW Superstar to become a Grand Slam champion they need to have a reign as SCAW, Internet, Tag Team and Zero-One champions. Grand Slam Championships involve a world title (SCAW), a Second-Tier title (Internet), a Third-Tier title (Zero-One) and a tag team title.

  • The Joker need an SCAW Championship reign.
  • Robin needs an SCAW Internet Championship reign.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki needs an SCAW Zero-One Championship reign.

When a championship and date is in bold and underlined it shows the title that the superstar won and the date he won it to become a Grand Slam Champion.

List of Grand Slam Champions:


  • SCAW Championship: 7/2/08
  • Tag Team Championship: 29/8/08 with The Joker
  • Internet Championship: 25/11/09 
  • Zero-One Championship: 10/10/07

Green Lantern:

  • SCAW Championship: 29/6/10
  • Tag Team Championship: 19/11/08 with Robin
  • Internet Championship: 9/5/10
  • Zero-One Championship: 13/3/08

Where to find SCAW: Superstars of CAW

Various SCAW shows and Superstar Clash episodes have also appeared on youtube, and on Dailymotion. In January 2009, Lonestarr022 refused to post his show on YouTube in protest to The Youtube/WMG dispute which muted several videos when superstars used WMG music as an entrance theme. This boycott ended in late February when he returned to posting the show. In June 2009, Lonestarr022 closed & re-opened his youtube account and refused to post his show for several months in protest to issues with Youtube's policies. He returned to posting his show right before Blood, Sweat & Tears III. On May 6, 2011, Lonestarr022's YouTube page was suspended due to false copyright claims. He has been posting his show on since then.

Superstar Clash

SCAW Superstar Clash is a often weekly show, with new episodes taking place almost every week. The first show debuted August 16, 2007. Usually 3 or 4 shows take place between Mega Events. The show began initially debuting on Thursdays, but now often will appear on any day of the week.

Subscriber Base

It was discovered on April 24th, 2011, that Lonestarr022 uses Sub4Sub channels to artificially boost his subcriber count. So whether or not SCAW is truly the second most popular CAW fed is up for debate. [1]

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  1. "Proof Lonestarr's subs are fake". Youtube. Retrieved 2007-12-03.