Autumn Anarchy 2015

Autumn Anarchy
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Promotion SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Date September 2015
Venue Thomas & Mack Center
City Las Vegas, NV
Theme Song "Million Miles An Hour" by Nickelback
Last Event Aftershock 2015
Next Event Halloween Manik 2015


SCAW Championship:
Hellboy (c) vs. The Joker

Submission match:
Superman vs. Captain America

Batman vs. Red Hood

Fatal 4-Way match for the SCAW Legends Championship:
Spider-Man (c) vs. Edward Elric vs. Prince of Persia vs. Homer Simpson

SCAW Internet Championship:
Dante (c) vs. King

SCAW Hardcore Championship:
Ghost Rider (c) vs. Angry Video Game Nerd

Brian Urlacher vs. Albert Wesker

SCAW Zero-One Championship:
Jin Kazama (c) vs. Remy "Gambit" LeBeau


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Chun-Li defeated Jill Valentine by count out Single match
1 Angry Video Game Nerd defeated Ghost Rider (c) Hardcore match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
2 Jin Kazama (c) defeated Gambit Singles match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
3 Brian Urlacher defeated Albert Wesker Singles match
4 Dante (c) defeated King Singles match for the SCAW Internet Championship
5 Homer Simpson defeated Spider-Man (c), The Prince of Persia and Edward Elric Fatal 4-Way match for the SCAW Legends Championship
6 Batman defeated Red Hood Singles match
7 Hellboy (c) defeated The Joker Singles match for the SCAW Championship
8 Captain America defeated Superman Submission match
  • 8 - Guile declared Captain America the winner even though Superman didn't tap.


  • Liu Kang challenged Jin on the next Superstar Clash.

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