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For an SCAW Superstar to become a Grand Slam Champion, they need to have had an SCAW Championship reign, an SCAW Internet Championship reign, SCAW Zero-One Championship reign, and a SCAW Tag Team Championship reign. Grand Slam Championships involve a world title (SCAW), a Second-Tier title (Internet), a Tertiary title (Zero-One) and a tag team title.

Champions Primary Championship Secondary Championship Tertiary Championship Tag Team Championship
SCAW Internet Zero-One Tag Team
Batman February 7, 2008 November 25, 2009 October 11, 2007 August 29, 2008 (with The Joker)
Green Lantern June 29, 2010 May 9, 2010 March 13, 2008 November 19, 2008 (with Robin)
Robin December 19, 2010 February 4, 2012 August 29, 2008 November 19, 2008 (with Green Lantern)
The Joker March 31, 2012 May 30, 2008 February 14, 2008 August 29, 2008 (with Batman)
Edward Elric January 12, 2014 March 31, 2012 April 7, 2010 May 5, 2011 (with Ichigo Kurosaki)

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