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The Internet Championship is the second highest ranked championship in SCAW. It is a title that can be decided by fans at times on certain online polls. The current champion is Edward Elric who defeated Robin at Superstar Clash #100


  • Ichigo Kurosaki - Defeated Freakazoid, Robin and Wolverine in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match at Blood, Sweat & Tears.
  • Homer Simpson - Defeated Ichigo Kurosaki on Superstar Clash #2.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (2) - Defeated Homer Simpson in an Iron Man match at Internal Conflict 2007.


  • Ghost Rider - Defeated Ichigo Kurosaki at Extravaganza 2008.
  • The Joker - Defeated Ghost Rider in the first round 1 of the 2008 SCAW tournament.
  • Optimus Prime - Won a 6-Man Elimination match at No Guts No Glory 2008.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (3) - Defeated Optimus Prime on Superstar Clash #23.
  • Iron Man - Defeated Ichigo Kurosaki in a Ladder match at To Hell and Back 2008.


  • Santa Claus - Defeated Iron Man on Superstar Clash #35.
  • Iron Man (2) - Defeated Santa Claus at Spring Showdown 2009.
  • Batman - Defeated Iron Man at To Hell and Back 2009. With this win, Batman became the first ever Grand Slam Champion.
  • Iron Man (3) - Won a 5-Man Elimination match at Dark December 2009.


  • *VACATED* - Vacated after Iron Man defeated Spider-Man at The Great American Smash 2010 for the SCAW Championship in a Champion vs Champion match.
  • Harry Potter - Won a 6-Man Elimination match at Spring Showdown 2010 to become the new champ.
  • The Green Lantern - Defeated Harry Potter at Day of Destiny 2010.
  • Hellboy - Defeated Harry Potter on Superstar Clash 63 to become the new champ after The Green Lantern chose to vacate the title.
  • Ghost Rider (2) - Defeated Hellboy in the first round of the 2010 SCAW tournament.
  • Harry Potter (2) - Defeated Ghost Rider and Hellboy on Superstar Clash #67. Potter was not medically cleared to compete yet made a "miracle recovery" at the last moment.
  • He-Man - Defeated Harry Potter at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.



  • Robin - Defeated M. Bison at E-Extravaganza 2012.
  • Edward Elric - Defeated Robin on Superstar Clash #100

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