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Every Match on the Card had random stipulations that were announced right before the match.

Reckless Randomness 2008Edit

Reckless Randomness 2008
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Promotion SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Date February 29, 2008
Venue American Airlines Arena
City Miami, Florida
Theme Song "Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold
Last Event Dark December 2007
Next Event Day of Destiny 2008

The Card

Best of 3 Series for the SCAW Championship:
Batman (c) vs Guile

Captain America, Homer Simpson & Internet Champion Ghost Rider vs. The NoDQ World Order (Mr. Clean, Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow)

Non-Title Grudge match:
Santa Claus vs Zero-One Champion The Joker

Green Lantern vs Johnny Cage

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Freakazoid

SCAW Tag Team Titles:
Darth Vader & M. Bison (c) vs Jay & Silent Bob


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Gene Simmons defeated Bart Simpson w/Milhouse Singles match
1 Darth Vader & M. Bison (c) defeated Jay & Silent Bob Tornado Tag Team match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
2 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Freakazoid First Blood Match
3 Green Lantern defeated Johnny Cage Singles match
4 The Joker defeated Santa Claus Last Man Standing match
5 Captain America, Homer Simpson & Ghost Rider defeated The nWo (Mr. Clean, Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow) 3 on 3 Elimination match
6 Guile defeated Batman (c) Best of 3 Series (Submission match, Hardcore match, Hell in a Cell) for the SCAW Championship
  • 4 - Zod came to The Joker's aid.
  • 6 - An ominous message to Batman apeared after the lighter.

Reckless Randomness 2012Edit

Reckless Randomness 2012
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Promotion SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Date February 29, 2012
Venue Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
City Uniondale, New York
Theme Song "Stand" by Machinae Supremacy
Last Event Dark December 2011
Next Event Spring Showdown 2012

The Card:

SCAW Championship - Random Stipulation:
Anakin (c) vs. Robin or Dr. Doom; Determined by winner of match involving their selected representatives.

Icon vs Icon:
Participants are a mystery

Random Stipulation:
Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Edward Elric; If Ichigo loses, he will leave SCAW.

SCAW Zero-One Championship - Random Stipulation:
Jean-Luc Picard (c) vs. Jack Sparrow vs. Mr. Clean vs. Dante

First Ever Magic Match:
Harry Potter vs. Lance Burton

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Santa Claus & Hellboy (c) vs. Mystery Challengers


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Danica Patrick & Rayne defeated Lara Croft & Amy Lee Tag Team match
1 M. Bison w/Dr. Doom defeated Iron Man w/Robin Singles match; Winner will have the wrestler they are representing face Anakin.
2 Dante defeated Jean-Luc Picard (c), Jack Sparrow and Mr. Clean TLC match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
3 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Edward Elric Steel Cage match; If Ichigo loses, he will leave SCAW
4 Lance Burton defeated Harry Potter Magic match
5 The Gladiator & The Prince of Persia defeated Santa Claus & Hellboy (c) Tag Team match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
6 Anakin (c) defeated Dr. Doom Hardcore match for the SCAW Championship
7 Batman defeated Superman "Icon vs. Icon" Singles match
  • 6 - Mr. Money in the Bank The Joker attacked Anakin, but Robin came to the ring and stop Joker's attack.

Miscellaneous FactsEdit

  • Ghost Rider came to the ring and was attacked by Inuyasha.
  • Guest appearance by He-Man.

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