Summer Brawl 2014

Summer Brawl 2014
Summer Brawl
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Promotion SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Date October 1, 2014
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York, NY
Theme Song "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic
Last Event The Great American Smash 2014
Next Event Halloween Manik 2014


Ultimate 6-Way for the SCAW Championship
Edward Elric (c) vs. Green Lantern vs. Homer Simpson vs. Ghost Rider vs. File:Dante.png vs. Spider-Man

"I Quit" match
Captain America vs. The Gladiator

InuYasha vs. Hellboy

SCAW Internet Championship
King (c) vs. Captain Marvel; If King retains, Captain Marvel can no longer do his poses and King can choose a new entrance theme for Marvel.

Lara Croft vs. Jill Valentine

SCAW Legends Championship & SCAW Zero-One Championship is on the line
Superman (c) & Liu Kang (c) vs. Mr. Clean & Captain Jack Sparrow

SCAW Hardcore Championship
Thor (c) vs. Iron-Man


# Result Stipulations
Preshow Albert Wesker defeated Kenshin Himura Singles match
1 Thor (c) defeated Iron Man Hardcore match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
2 Jill Valentine defeated Lara Croft Singles match
3 Captain Marvel defeated King (c) Singles match for the SCAW Internet Championship; Captain Marvel's music and poses are also on the line.
4 Hellboy defeated InuYasha Singles match
5 Superman (Legends Champion) & Liu Kang (Zero-One Champion) defeated Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow Tag Team match for the SCAW Legends Championship and the SCAW Zero-One Championship
6 Captain America defeated The Gladiator I Quit match
7 Edward Elric (c) defeated Homer Simpson, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, File:Dante.png and Anakin Ultimate 6-Way match for the SCAW Championship
  • 7 - Anakin replaced The Green Lantern. Lantern (now the Yellow Lantern) attacked Elric after the match.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Backstage confrontation between Brian Urlacher and Gambit.

Summer Brawl 2016

Summer Brawl 2016
SCAW Summer Brawl 2K16
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Promotion SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Date August 2016
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, CA
Theme Song "Gravity" by Hollywood Undead
Last Event Day of Destiny 2016
Next Event Ascendance 2016


SCAW Championship
Captain America (c) vs. Spider-Man

Unsanctioned match
Guile vs. Superman

SCAW Internet Championship
File:Dante.png (c) vs. The Joker

SCAW Legends Championship
Ryu Hayabusa (c) vs. Homer Simpson

SCAW Tag Team Championship
Yusuke Urameshi & Drax the Destroyer (c) vs. Casey Jones & Liu Kang

Thor vs. Anakin

Ghost Rider vs. Brian Urlacher

Deadpool vs. Red Hood

6 Woman Battle Royal for the SCAW Women's Championship
Lara Croft (c) vs. 5 Challengers


# Result Stipulations
Preshow Magneto defeated Doctor Doom Singles match
1 Angry Video Game Nerd, Solid Snake & King defeated Captain Marvel, Tommy Vercetti & Jin Kazama Six-Tag Team match
2 Brian Urlacher defeated Ghost Rider Singles Match
3 File:Dante.png (c) defeated The Joker Singles match for the SCAW Internet Championship
4 Casey Jones & Liu Kang defeated Yusuke Urameshi & Drax the Destroyer (c) Tag Team match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
5 Deadpool defeated Red Hood Singles match
6 Ryu Hayabusa (c) defeated Homer Simpson Singles match for the SCAW Legends Championship
7 Superman vs. Guile was a no contest Unsanctioned match
8 Cole MacGrath defeated Piccolo Singles match
9 Lara Croft (c) defeated Chun-Li, Shampoo, Rayne, Jill Valentine and Amy Lee Six Woman Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the SCAW Women's Championship
10 Thor defeated Anakin Singles match
11 Spider-Man defeated Captain America (c) Singles match for the SCAW Championship
12 Captain Marvel defeated Spider-Man (c) Singles match for the SCAW Championship
  • 3 - Joker put File:Dante.png through a flaming table after the match.
  • 4 - Yusuke and Drax imploded.
  • 7 - They fought to the parking lot where Superman was hit by a car.
  • 8 - This match was made after they confronted each other backstage earlier.
  • 11 - Iron Man attacked Captain America.
  • 12 - Captain Marvel cashed in Money in the Bank.


  • The Prince of Persia vowed to win the 2016 SCAW Tournament.
  • Albert Wesker and Hellboy will face each other at Blood, Sweat & Tears IX. Hellboy came out but Wesker took him down with a Turning Evil.
  • Edward Elric returned and shut up Robin.

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