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Championship Belt
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The Zero-One Championship is currently SCAW's version of TNA's X Division title. The belt is normally defended between different high flyers. The current champion is Gabe Athouse.


  • The Great Khali!!!! - Defeated Cyclops, The Green Lantern and Nacho in 4-Way Ladder match on Superstar Clash #2.
  • Dre's Mom - Defeated The Great Khali at To Hell and Back 2007 after he replaced Robin due to injury.


  • Vance Archer - Awarded the title by then-holder Justin Gabriel on Superstar Clash #13 for helping him win the SCAW Championship the week before.
  • Craven Moorehead - Won an Elimination Chamber match on Superstar Clash #15.
  • CM Punk - Defeated Craven Moorehead at the 1-Year SCAW Anniversary Show.
  • Haduken - Won the first ever Ultimate Zero-One match at Blood, Sweat & Tears II.
  • Alex Shelley (2) - Defeated Haduken and Green Lantern in a Triple Threat match at Dark December 2008.


  • Haduken - Defeated Alex Shelley at E-Extravaganza 2009.
  • Heath Slater (3) - Won a 6-Man Elimination match on Superstar Clash #31.
  • The White Ranger - Won an Elimination Chamber match at Ascendance 2009.
  • Earthquake - Defeated The White Ranger at Day of Destiny 2009.
  • The Green Lantern (2) - Defeated Earthquake's corpse in the first round of the 2009 SCAW tournament after Death interfered.
  • Mrs. Athouse (2) - Beat Lantern in a squash match.


  • Yokozuna - Defeated Mrs. Athouse at Spring Showdown 2010.
  • Owen Hart's corpse (2) - Defeated Yokozuna on Superstar Clash #66.
  • Undertaker (2) - Defeated Owen and Edward Elric on Superstar Clash #68 after Death inserted him into the match.
  • Kane (2) - Defeated Undertaker at Wrestlemania XX.


  • A water bottle (2) - defeated Kane on Superstar Clash #87.
  • Dre's Mom - Won the Gauntlet for the Gold at Blood, Sweat & Tears V.



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