(' 'Shadow's CAW Championship Wrestling Leauge) Is A Currently Running CAW leauge by Youtuber Shadow09180490.First Episode uploaded to Youtube on February 8, 2012 5:02 PM. SCCWL Has Alot of greats and Overlooked characters in the video game movie and CAW world Such as Mr.Anderson (Matrix) Guile (Street Fighter) And one of the Latest Debuts Uub from Dragon Ball GT


SCCWL 4 p34:39

SCCWL 4 p.1

SCCWL 4 p.1


Mario Along with lil Bro Luigi one of the Most celebrated Characters in the CAW world

Luigi Along with his bro Mario one of the Most celebrated Characters in the CAW world

Mr Anderson Better know as NEO is a Cyber Hacker who Discovers the matrix and Saves it

Nikkonlasco A blue Shirt and overalls wearing plubmer from the Mario and Luigi Show

Sagat A tall Thai Fighter i belive with a scar on his Chest and an IPatch...LOL! Ipatch

Guile A SGT in the U.S. Military who's Fought Also in Street Fighter Games

Ryu A white Gi Wearing Jappanese Fighter from Street Fighter along with best pal since training Ken Masters a Favorite among the other Street Fighters

Ken A Red Gi wearing Blonde from Street Fighter Best Pals with Ryu

Evil ken ???

Evil Ryu ???

Raduiz Mpire Unlike his Brother USSEmpire an good Character in the Mario and Luigi Show series by Shadow09160490

USSEmpire The Evil Brother of Raduiz Mpire hes been in the Mario and Luigi Show series of Shadow09160490

Sonic A blue hedgehog who's been of Countless Missions to save the world

Shadow A black hedgehog who's past haunts him because he can't remember what it's about and part rival to Sonic

Knuckles A red Echinda who is possibly the last of his kind

Silver Silver hedgehog who saved the future in which he was from

Rocky balboa boxing Champion of the world and movie star is several self titled movies

Wario Opposite to Mario and brother of Waluigi

Waluigi Opposite of Luigi and Brother to Wario

Vega Masked Fighter of Spanish decent said to have came from a Rich family

Link Hero of the Land Hyrule and Savior of Princess Zelda

Gary Oak Pokemon Player and Tournement Participater

Uub - The apperntaice of Goku Sports A Green Gi and Yellow Training belt And Mohawk


SCCWL Championship- Shadow The Hedgehog

Intercontental - Sonic The Hedgehog

Tag Championships - Mario and Luigi

Hardcore Championship - Vacant

Womens - Vacant

Heavyweight Championship - Link

Lightweight Championship - Vacant

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