SMF Action Star Championship
SMF Action Star Belt
Current champion(s) Stone Cold
Date Won December 18,2011
League Story Mode Federation
Introduced 2002
Retired December 18,2011
Most reigns
First Champion Adrian
Last Champion Stone Cold
Longest Reign
Shortest Reign The Green Ranger
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) SMF Intercontinental Champion
DDR Championship
World Championship
Texas Ranger Championship
Past design(s)

The Lower World Championship in Story Mode Federation This is the 2nd prestigious belt in SMF.


This championship has a long history. Being called the Intercontinental Championship in 2002-2003, until Brenton changed the belt to the "DDR Championship". And in 2007, a milestone was made as this championship was changed to the World Championship. After being won by Chuck Norris, he changed it to the Texas Ranger Championship. And then he realized that was stupid so he changed it to the Action Star Championship.

Title History

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the last SMF Action Star Champion after he won the title at SMF Bitchamania 2011 after beating The Rock who had just won the title in a 5 man Battle Royal

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
Adrian 1 Won it at Battle Royal on WAR in Spring 2002 First SMF Intercontinental Champion
Brenton 1 Won it on a SmackaDown in Summer 2002
Richard Simmons 1 Won it on Bitchamania 2002
John Basedow 1 Won it on Bitchamania 2002
Brenton 2 Won it on Vengeance 2003 Brenton then changed the name to the DDR Championship
Jeff 1 Won it at Royal Fumble 2003 Jeff held the belt until he lost it and the belt lost its value
Title Vacated
The Rock 1 Awarded the belt at The Great American Clash 2007 He Defeated John Cena to win the newly named World Championship
Chuck Norris 1 Won at Cracklash 2007 Changed the name to Texas Ranger Championship
MacGyver 1 Won at Bitchamania 2007 Chuck Norris changed the name to Action Star Championship
Captain Jean Luc Picard 1 Won at The Great American Clash 2008
The Green Ranger 1 Won at Royal Fumble 2008
Chuck Norris 2 Won at SMF WAR Episode 11 The Green Ranger forfeited the title to focus on his match at Bitchamania 2008. Chuck Norris defeated John Cena
Triple H 1 Won it at Saturday Evening's Main Event
The Rock 2 Bitchamania 2008 Won after The Rock Bottom
Danny Jackpot 1 SMF CyberSexy Summer 2010 Won after the Cash Out in a Steel Cage Match
Chuck Norris 3 SMF Royal Fumble 2011 Won after the Chuck Norris Kick
The Rock 2 Bitchamania 2011 Won after last eliminating John Cena in a 5 man Battle Royal
Stone Cold 1 Bitchamania 2011 Won after the Stone Cold Stunner

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