Story Mode Federation

Hashpipe by Weezer was the Official Theme Song.

# Results Stipulations
1 Carl Winslow defeated Cody, Bob Saget and Mr. Feeny TGIF battle royal for the vacant SMF Television Championship
2 Ronald McDonald & The Geico Cavemen (Harry & Larry) defeated The Fast Food Order {Burger King, Hamburglar & Col. Sanders} 6-man Tag team match
3 The Superdingos (Greg & Joey) (c) defeated The Lawyu Boyz (Kerio Law & Teryo Law) Ladder match for the SMF Tag Team Championship
4 Chuck Norris defeated The Rock (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
5 George W. Bush defeated Osama Bin Laden (c) Hell in a Cell match for the SMF Championship

e v Current Story Mode Federation Click Per Views
Current: SMF The Great American Clash · Cyber Sexy Summer · SMF Royal Fumble · SMF Bitchamania
Former: Cracklash

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